Campus: a professor arrested for having vaccinated a student!

According to our colleagues from DH, a professor would have administered a dose of vaccine to a student when she was not authorized.

Here’s a story that won’t help the war between the vaccine pros and the antivax… Indeed, a professor would have injected a vaccine to a student when she had no authorization to do so. She risks prison as a result.

An increasingly important war

As we let you know, the war between the two clans does not end, quite the contrary. And the latest government decisions will not help this. Indeed, Jean Castex did not announce only good news a few days ago.

You know that the pandemic is even more severe. And the number of cases is on the rise by reaching a new record. This is why the government is pushing students, young and old, to be vaccinated.

But that does not mean that a professor can administer a dose to her student… A point to which we will come back a little later. The country is mainly trying to find ways to stop the spread of Covid-19.

This is why new yellows have just been introduced. Especially in football stadiums. Or in closed places in which we will not be able to exceed 2000 people. And 5000 outdoors.

Choices that provoked the anger of the French. Especially since the health pass became a vaccination pass. This means that without being vaccinated, some will no longer have access to anything. Enough to get those who were already reluctant out of their hinges.

So some find additional means to try to be in the nails. And teachers even seem to find nursing talents … Proof of this is with this professor vaccinating a student in the United States when she was not allowed to do so …

Campus: a professor arrested for having vaccinated a student!
Campus: a professor arrested for having vaccinated a student!

A teacher vaccinates a student

Indeed, as surprising as it may sound, a teacher “gave” his dose to one of his students. Her name is Laura Russo. She is a 54-year-old teacher and lives in the United States. Our colleagues from DH giving more details on this subject.

According to the media, she would therefore have administered a dose of vaccine to a 17-year-old student. And this, from his home … The American media were quick to relay the information and give several additional elements. As does that she had no right to.

Nothing surprising you will tell us. But on top of that, she had no parental consent either. By adding that, she is risking a lot. Even if the student in question agreed to be vaccinated by his teacher.

She got arrested on New Years Eve and this one risks up to 4 years in prison. In the event that she is found guilty. But we know that in the United States, justice is not really the same as in the world … Therefore, she could perhaps get away with it.

Remember, however, that injections can be dangerous if they are poorly administered. All who have the right to inject it must for example check if the vaccine is not expired or counterfeit. Something that the teacher probably did not bother to do …


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