Call of Duty Mobile Halloween Update 2020: Everything You Need To Know About It

It has only been a few days since the Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 did launch in the game. The Anniversary update has already released in the game and it is sure that all the players as well as fans love to play it. 

All the COD players are happy to know that the Anniversary update is as enjoyable and exciting as they were expecting it to be.

You must know that the new season is all set to add some new components to the game which will be including the new Arsenal, Club, and a brand new Battle Royal map namely Alcatraz.

Yes, all of you will be able to have an amazing and exciting gaming experience with all the new features and components that are added to the Call of Duty Anniversary update.

It seems like there is something more stored in the pipeline to offer more excitement and enjoyment. 

You must know that the Call of Duty Mobile Halloween Update is available now for all the players. It is sure that with the new update, The Anniversary season of the game gets even more sinister and thrilling.

Activision did recently release some new and amazing content so that the player s can be able to enjoy the game to the fullest. You can be able to enjoy the game from the Halloween events to a new weapon along with many other things.

Here, we are going to provide you all the essential details about the new mobile Halloween update along with the key rewards that you will be able to earn from playing the new horror-themed playlists.

It will indeed be much more fun to play the new update of the Call of Duty game. Let us begin understanding what you will get in the new COD Halloween update.

Battle Royale Featured Event: Undead Fog

The only thing that you must know about the new update is that from 29th October to 4th November, Alcatraz will be shrouded in heavy fog and that too concealing with hordes of zombies.

In addition to the thrill and excitement that all the players are experiencing currently in the usual zombie areas, it will now be possible for zombies to come out of nowhere from any areas on every map.

Thanks to the encroaching fog that will allow the zombies to emerge from everywhere near the players. 

One of the best things that will happen with the zombies around the players is that you can be able to complete a whole new set of challenges that is, of course, based on the Undead Fog event.

It will be possible for the players to earn so many amazing and exciting rewards such as wingsuit or motorcycle camos along with the epic Devil’s Horns Calling Card that players can get for completing 10 Battle Royale Tasks.

Also, it will be possible for the players to find some high-value and randomized items from the Mystery Boxes. 

Halloween Standoff, Attack of the Undead Return For A Limited Time

It will indeed be an amazing Halloween this year as there are so many games that are going to bring you a lot of excitement through offering limited time events.

But you must know that an Anniversary update along with a Halloween event will be creating a perfect combination for the return of the first-ever themed map of Call of Duty i.e. Halloween Standoff.

All the COD players as well as fans will be happy to know that this map is the classic Standoff map set under the light of a full moon. There will surely be plenty of haunted jack-o-lanterns along with other terrifying treats and things that all the players will be happy to play with.

You need to know that Halloween Standoff is available in a large variety of modes and within its own featured list. 

It will be possible for the players to experience the following match modes in the Halloween Standoff in the Call of Duty game.

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Domination
  • Hardpoint
  • Kill Confirmed
  • Cranked
  • Attack of the Undead

You must know that the Attack of the Undead mode did make its debut in Radioactive Agent and that will be returning as a part of the Halloween festivities in the Call of Duty game.

In the mode, one player out of ten will turn into a Zombie or Undead at the beginning of the match.

So it will be essential for all the nine other remaining survivors to run down the clock in order to survive or else they are going to be recruited in the Undead rank and thereby they will lose the match. 

10v10 Pumpkin Confirmed Throughout The COD Mobile Halloween Update 2020

Well, the COD players will be excited enough now with all the new updates and the addition of events like Attack of the Undead and Halloween Standoff. But the spooky updates to the online multiplayer game will not stop at that.

All the players should keep in mind that from today, 31st October onwards, the Kill Confirmed mode will be receiving an expansion with 10V10 Pumpkin confirmed.

As for 10v10 Pumpkin Confirmed, the mode allows the players to trade dog tags and makes the lobby size bigger for up to 20 players in the match. It will surely be going to bring creepy chaos to the Kill Confirmed mode. 

It will be possible for all the players to experience the event that is going to feature tasks that will be based on the 10v10 Pumpkin Confirmed and Halloween Standoff playlists.

All the players will be able to get several rewards by completing this event which will be going to include the epic Pumpkin Smile weapon charm, the rare Jack O’ Lantern weapon blueprint for the DL Q33, and the rare Deadlock stickers, and more. 

New Halloween Themed Lucky Draws Are Available For A Limited Time

It will be just like a cherry on the piece of cake that the new and exciting Halloween event is also going to feature three lucky draws that will be available for a limited period of time.

You must know about the Halloween Redux Draw that is marking the return of the Legendary Ak-47 Pumpkin Head weapon blueprint. While the Thorned Rose Draw will be blooming with a bloody good sniper rifle blueprint along with the operator skin that players can get to combine it. 

You need to know that the Wicked Trickster Draw will be rounding out a terrifying and terrific trio of draws on the 29th of October month. The draw will be bringing some wickedly great items that will be able to bolster your arsenal furthermore.

There are so many players who are currently enjoying and experiencing the new updates along with some new Halloween events in the Call of Duty game.

The best thing about this most amazing and exciting game is no matter how much frustrated you are from your day to day work, playing it for only a few minutes will provide you thrill and excitement that will lead to joyfulness. With plenty of new modes, COD is what you should play now. 


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