Cable Van Trunk And A Key Place Dead Island 2

Cable Van Trunk And A Key Place Dead Island 2:

throughout the journey inside Dead Island 2, you’ll find a lot of different guns, but you may additionally discover special cases that need keys to open. Look out the Dead Island 2 Cable Guy’s Van key spot to find some of the best guns in the game.

Players Have Lots Of Locked Boxes As Well As Door To Open All Over The Game:

In Dead Island 2, there are a lot of locked boxes as well as doors all over the game. Most boxes and doors that are locked need keys to open them, as well as these keys are usually dropped by certain zombies.

The Cable Van Trunk Are Locked And It Can Be Opened With A Special Key:

The Cable Van Trunk serves as one of the places that are locked in the game and can only be opened with a special key. This guide will tell you where to look for the key to open the Cable Van Trunk inside Dead Island 2.

Open The Locked Boxes Is One Of The Best Way To Add Guns To Your Collection:

In Dead Island 2, you’ll invest an extensive amount of time inside Hell looking for guns to add to your collection. One good way to do this is to open the lockboxes that are all over the different parts of Los Angeles.

The first place you can look around in is Bel-Air, and the Cable Van Trunk could be the first lockbox you find there. But you can’t open it until you locate the zombie holding the key.

Here’s what you need to know about the Dead Island 2 Cable Van Trunk and how to open it.

Where Is The Cable Van Trunk Key?

If you’ve played Dead Island 2, you know that there are a lot of locked doors as well as cases that you need keys to open. The Cable Van Trunk represents one of the initial closed doors you have to open. The Cable Van is right outside the main door to GOAT Pen.

The van can be found early in the game, but players can’t get the key right away. The key will come with a Shocker Zombie called “The Cable Guy.” He will appear after you access the special zombies.

Complete tasks and move forward in the main story until you approach Beverly Hills, the third area. As you move through Beverly Hills, you’ll unlock the Shocker Zombies and the Special Infected.

This fight shouldn’t be too hard, but try to get rid of all the walkers inside that region so you don’t get too many. The Cable Guy is going to become a Shocker zombie, so don’t use electric weapons on him because he can’t be hurt by them.

After you kill the dead Cable Guy, they will give you the key to his car. Get the key and go back to the trunk of the cable van to open the lockbox and claim your prize.

The Cable Van Trunk Can Be Found At:

Alpine Drive is one of the primary roads in Bel-Air. You’ll need to figure out how to use this stretch of road to get to a few various residences and move the game forward.

As you look around Alpine Drive, you’ll find an abandoned car called the Cable Van. It’s a lockbox, and when you open it, you’ll get a prize. To get into the trunk, you’ll have to locate the Cable Guy’s van key. Luckily, the zombie who has it won’t be too far away.


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