By playing Pokémon Go, he burns the screen of his iPhone

    After playing Pokémon Go for hours, a player had the bad surprise of ending up with the screen of his smartphone burned.

    Since the release of Pokémon Go in 2016, millions of players have captured, traded, and battled Pokémon in the mobile title. With monthly updates and content-filled seasons, the game keeps fans coming back to the mobile app again and again.

    One Trainer may have taken their love for Niantic’s game a bit too far. Indeed, he literally burned the screen of his iPhone so much he spent time playing outside.

    This Pokémon Go fan burned his iPhone screen

    Reddit user lightguard23 shared his cumbersome problem on the Pokémon Go subreddit on March 29. “Am I playing too much?” he asked the other trainers, sending a photo of the burnt screen of his iPohone XS.

    Am I playing too much? – Pogo burnt into iPhone XS screen from pokemongo

    We notice the trace of the icons of the game interface on the bottom of the screen of his device. The community was stunned because it takes a significant amount of game time to burn their smartphone screen so much.

    Internet users preferred to joke in the comments “Keep playing until it is completely burned into the screen” launched MrTigeriffic.

    The player obviously played too long in the sun by leaving the Pokémon Go application running without putting his iPhone in the shade from time to time. His screen finally did not resist.

    Taking breaks in a game is essential. Be especially careful not to overexpose your phone to the sun when you play to avoid these little mishaps. To not miss any news on Pokémon Go, do not hesitate to find our guides on the game below:

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