Burger King unveils its new range of “Gourmet Kings” burgers!

The Burger King firm is competing even more with McDonald’s. By launching its new range of burgers, “Gourmet Kings”

It makes you wonder if Burger King will one day cease to amaze us. Indeed, the fast food chain, already known for its top-notch communication, also gives its customers some nice surprises. By launching for example its new range of “Gourmet Kings” burgers.

The burgers « gastro »

Fans of fast food can already imagine what it is. Indeed, like some other “fast” restaurants, it is a slightly higher range than the one we already know. As le simple Whooper, Big King, ou encore Steakhouse.

The rival of Burger King, McDonald’s, already owns this range for a long time. Because yes, Ronald’s chain had already launched a “gastro” version of its famous burgers. Certainly, the term “gastro” turns out to be slightly exaggerated … But it’s still a better version of burgers.

More refined and with much more taste, the price of the latter turns out to be more expensive than the banal Big Mac. Indeed, the “Signature” range counts a few euros more than the normal menus. And it is clear that it does not break 3 legs of a duck either.

Nevertheless, many customers throw themselves on these famous burgers. Even if it means putting a little more hand in your pocket than usual. It seems that this special menu works quite well. Otherwise, the rivals of McDo would not do the same.

And yet this is indeed what just happened to believe our colleagues from Time Out. The media announcing in fact that Burger King she too got into the “gourmet”. The brand launching its “refined burgers” across the UK.

Yes, you read that correctly… For the moment, no information has been given concerning a launch in France. But when we know the flame-grilled burgers chain, we have something to be optimistic about. At least we hope so.

Burger King unveils its new range of “Gourmet Kings” burgers!
Burger King unveils its new range of “Gourmet Kings” burgers!

Burger King and its “Gourmet Kings”

That we could eat them across the Channel or not, no doubt you want to know what it is. You can already get an idea with the photo above. This one, showing the “Argentinian” burger.

Burger King explaining about this new product: « this gastronomic choice has the same bread, the same crispy onions. But also the same slice of smoked cheese as the Angus Steakhouse. »/ Quote>« The Angus »which we will talk about shortly after.

But for the first, the ingredients don’t stop there. Indeed, you will also find chili sauce, fresh onion and chimichurri mayonnaise. A burger that will no doubt find a taker without much difficulty. But what about the other “gourmet”?

As we let you know, this one is called “Steakhouse Angus”. This is a 100% flame-grilled Aberdeen Angus beef burger topped with arugula. But also a slice of oak-smoked cheddar cheese, bacon, crispy onions, tomato and mayonnaise.

It remains to be seen which of these burgers you will choose when you go to Burger King. As a reminder, this range is found only available in England. We will have to show a little patience before enjoying it with us.


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