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If you’re not very comfortable with the term VPN, don’t worry, there’s nothing complicated about it. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an application that adapts to your various connected devices and whose primary function is to ensure your security on the Internet.

A VPN will thus protect your personal data and preserve your privacy, while also giving you access to unique advantages. Among the best known are access to geo-blocked or censored sites or the purchase of cheaper services.

And that’s exactly what CyberGhost offers you. Discover all the advantages of this VPN without further delay.


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The exclusive benefits of the CyberGhost app

If a large number of Internet users choose CyberGhost VPN, it is because it offers you exclusive advantages on the Internet. First of all, know that CyberGhost VPN has developed a very easy to use application, which adapts to all your devices: computer, tablet, smartphone, but also console, smart TV and router. With a single account, you can use it on 7 devices at the same time, and therefore equip your whole family.

With CyberGhost, you will have access to over 8,000 servers worldwide. These cover 91 countries in total, so you will be able to access geo-restricted content from all these locations. CyberGhost will thanks to this allow you to unblock the Netflix catalogs of other countries, but also to watch French television from abroad. Whether you’re traveling or at home, CyberGhost will make your everyday browsing easier.

This VPN also offers very good connection speeds, which is particularly appreciable in the field of streaming, but also downloading torrents or gaming. The VPN also has servers optimized for these uses in order to satisfy all its users.

Interested? So know that currently, CyberGhost is doing you a favor by lowering its prices by 84%. The provider is even more generous and offers an additional 4 months of subscription for free. The subscription for 40 months will only be charged to you €77.61, which is equivalent to €1.94 per month over the period.

In addition, be aware that if you are interested in saving money, modifying your virtual location as CyberGhost allows you is very advantageous. Indeed, all services do not display the same prices in all countries, so you will be able to benefit from lower prices. For example, YouTube Premium can be up to 90% cheaper if you locate in certain countries like Argentina.

The benchmark VPN for cybersecurity

These advantages of CyberGhost VPN are very appreciable, but if you are looking for a VPN, it is surely above all to ensure your security on the Internet. So rest assured, because CyberGhost is also a benchmark in this area. How does he proceed? Very simply, CyberGhost performs two actions:

  • by encrypting your browsing data
  • hiding your IP address

The encryption of your browsing data is done with a powerful algorithm (called AES-256, the best that exists in the field of cybersecurity) will scramble all of your traffic, thus preventing any malicious person from accessing it. Your personal information such as your bank details or the sites visited are therefore protected.

As for hiding your IP address, this maximizes your privacy and keeps your real location hidden. You will thus be able to browse anonymously, which is far more secure than private browsing. This is valid on all networks, whether on your home network, at home, or on public Wi-Fi, outside, known to be very insecure.

As a reminder, CyberGhost offers its services for only €1.94 per month, for a limited time. And even at that price, you’ll have access to all of the VPN’s other security options, like the Kill Switch, which suspends your traffic in the event of an accidental VPN disconnection.

Thanks to this, your data cannot therefore be exposed, even temporarily. Finally, be aware that CyberGhost is a No-Log VPN, and as such, it does not store any data relating to your online activity. Your confidentiality is therefore ensured in the best possible way.

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