Bridgerton: Regé-Jean Page will soon take over the role of James Bond?

Some rumors suggest that Regé-Jean Page, the star of the series “The Bridgerton Chronicle”, could become James Bond.

Regé-Jean Page, the star of the series “La Chronique des Bridgerton”, could take over the legendary role of James Bond. In any case, several rumors evoke it. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Regé-Jean Page has a string of projects

Since confirming that he will not be part of season 3 of The Bridgerton ChronicleRegé-Jean Page has a series of projects.

Not long ago, he is appeared in the Netflix movie The Gray Man alongside Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas. For the occasion, he was even transformed.

He was then dressed in a suit and a pair of glasses. He embodies a CIA agent. A far cry from his medieval look in the Bridgerton series!

This is not the only project in which Regé-Jean Page is embarking. He is well and good the current actor. In addition to movies, it will be the hero of a brand new Netflix series.

It is the media The Hollywood Reporter who affirmed it. Regé-Jean Page will be featured in Noah Hawley’s next series. The name of the series is not known, as is the release date.

But there is no doubt that the actor from Bridgerton will splash the program with his talent. He could also be in the cast of a huge movie.

Indeed, according to certain rumors, Regé-Jean Page is in the small papers of Hollywood to embody…the next James Bond. Yes, it is necessary to replace Daniel Craig. MCE TV tells you more!

From Bridgerton to James Bond?

Since the release of Dying can wait in 2021, the position of 007 became vacant. Indeed, Daniel Craig, the actor of the most famous spy in the world, announced that he would not resume this mythical role.

So the producers of the franchise must find who will embody the future of the saga. And they have no room for error.

So, The rumors are rife. By the way, the rumor the actor of Bridgerton comes back very often. Moreover, this idea seems obvious for the Russo brothers, directors of The Gray Man.

” He is fantastic. I mean, he has more charisma in his little finger than most people in their whole body. So, you know, we’d watch him do anything – I mean we’d watch him read the phone book”explains Joe Russo. « He’s a very gifted performer and he’s got so much charm.”added his brother Anthony.

So far, no one has confirmed this info. These are just rumours. But there is no doubt that the Regé-Jean Page option is in the back of the minds of the producers of James Bond.

In the meantime, the public will certainly find the Bridgerton actor in the Dungeons and Dragons movie, which will be released in 2023. He will then be alongside Chris Pine (Wonder Woman) or Sophia Lillis (It). Great !

One thing is certain, Regé-Jean Page has not finished bursting the screen in the coming years. He is becoming one of the most bankable actors in Hollywood.


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