Bridgerton: Regé Jean-Page finally responds to rumors about his return!

Regé Jean-Page was the big absentee from season 2 of Bridgerton. The actor devoted himself to other projects. Will he come back?

Actor Regé Jean-Page was the lead actor in season 1 of Bridgerton. But in season 2, we didn’t see it. Which really disappointed the fans. Will he return for next season? We tell you more in this article.

Bridgerton: Will Regé Jean-Page return?

The fans were really disappointed not to see Regé Jean-Page in season 2 of Bridgerton. It must be said that the actor had been a real crush. Especially for the ladies who still found him very sexy in the series.

So in season 2, when we got to see Daphne but not her husband, everyone was disappointed. The explanation is however simple, for the actor his role was only in one season. He had therefore committed himself elsewhere for the future and could not be there.

Since, rumors are circulating on the fact that we will be able to see Simon again in season 3 of Bridgerton. But what is it really? A source close to the actor confided certain information to the Sun. And apparently, itit might be possible.

« Rege-Jean has always been very open about his intention to leave the show after the first season and move on to other projects. But recently there has been a dialogue between him and the bosses of the series”. said this source.

So, it might be possible to see him in Bridgerton’s next season. But this source said that for the moment nothing was agreed between the series and the actor. Everything is still on hold according to information from the Sun.

A season 3 for next year

For the moment, the actor does not confirm anything. On the contrary ! He posted on Instagram a photo of him with a friend from the Bridgerton series. He wrote : ” The boys are in town. (By the way, I’m not coming back to the series. The newspapers made this up)« .

This therefore gives little hope for the moment. But to see later. In any case, what is certain is that we will still see Kate and Anthony in this season 3. The couple will even host a happy event! They will have a baby!

Likewise, we now know that the stars of Bridgerton Season 3 will be Colin and Penelope. We wonder what will happen. For the moment, Colin does not seem at all attracted to the latter. But will that change?

So we ask ourselves a lot of questions! Likewise, what will happen with Eloise? Will she live the beginning of a love story how could it be? But above all, will she become friends with Penelope again after her betrayal?

Lots of questions still waiting! Normally, the new season of Bridgerton should be released next year. But in the meantime, a spin-off on Queen Charlotte should see the light of day in the coming months. The opportunity to wait more easily.

This spin-off will tell the adolescence of the Queen but also her love affair with King George. We can’t wait to find out all about it! For that, more than a few months to wait. But for season 3, we will have to wait a little longer!


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