Bridgerton: a star of the Star Wars saga soon in the Netflix series?

Bridgerton fans may be surprised. And for good reason, a star of the Star Wars saga could well stand out in the series.

Bridgerton’s next season is shaping up. Besides, a star of Star Wars could well make an appearance in the series. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Bridgerton season 2 hits Netflix

Since its arrival on Netflix, the Bridgerton series is a huge success. Indeed, the program gathered a large number of viewers. Moreover, the latter seem to have taken a lot of pleasure in discovering the episodes.

Faced with such success, Netflix has therefore decided to renew Bridgerton for a season 2. Indeed, fans of the series were able to discover the new episodes. And on the program, a few new things!

Indeed, for this season 2, the character of Simon has disappeared. And yes, the teams have decided to continue the adventure without him. Much to the despair of Duke fans. But don’t panic, the writers have thought of everything. Phew!

Moreover, the latter have also decided to cut certain scenes. As a reminder, the series is based on the novels of Julia Quin. Even though Netflix tries to get as close to the original story as possible, the wasp scene was not saved. It must be said that the latter was very daring.

But don’t panic, Bridgerton fans had a lot of fun watching season 2 regardless. And to their delight, a season 3 already seems to be in preparation. Besides, a star of Star Wars could well make his arrival. MCE TV tells you more!

Bridgerton: a star of the Star Wars saga soon in the Netflix series?
Bridgerton: a star of the Star Wars saga soon in the Netflix series?

A star of Star Wars in the series?

It’s no secret that the Bridgerton series will be making a comeback with a season 3. Indeed, Netflix has already ordered these new episodes. To the delight of viewers therefore.

Moreover, things are already beginning to become clearer. And yes, on the casting side, some actors may well make a comeback. It must be said that it seems difficult to imagine the series without these emblematic figures. Eh yes !

But in reality, new faces will also join the adventure. Besides, a star of the Star Wars saga seems ready to join the Bridgerton series. It is then John Boyega. Indeed, the latter would love to play in the program.

The Star Wars star then confided to Metro: “After being in Star Wars for eight years, I feel like a football player who is waiting for one thing: join a new team. »

Before continuing: “I really want projects far removed from Star Wars. If I am offered a role in the series, Of course I will accept ! I’m open to versatility, so yes, I would definitely like to be in more nuanced projects. »

Moreover, when the departure of Regé-Jean Page was announced by the Bridgerton teams, the Star actor immediately made his motivation known.

In June 2021, he then told The Hollywood Reporter: « I’m really trying to get that role in ‘Bridgerton’. I want to wear their tight clothes, to be the new guy in sight in this story. Give me a horse, a lovely lady and all that goes with it. »

One thing is certain, Bridgerton fans have not finished being surprised. To be continued.


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