This year we had the 23rd annual Boulder Jewish festival which brings a Jewish twist in the rocking tunes and tasty food, this festival was carried out at the Pearl Street Mall.

The event manager of this festival said he had planned to bring some local bands and some famous groups down to the street; this music festival was full with bands which made people move.

The festival has raised its bench mark every year and this year it made people come on toes, the music and the vibe of the festival connected a lot to the Jewish culture and brought everyone dancing.

Not only the music belonged to the Jewish culture but also the food also complimented the Jewish culture, it had falafel and Mediterranean cuisine, smoothies and chocolate, pastries and kosher burgers, hot dogs and knishes as well.

There were king snoopers brought which also brought the doughnuts which is the mainstream food of the Jewish culture and many people do not know about this, however after this festival they have learnt a lot new.

The festival was also full with some off the Jewish art and organizations which brought another level shine to the whole event. The festival goers could have a chat about rabbis and politics which could be done in groups and this also involved some Israel and history of the culture which is a major part of the Boulder Jewish Community center.

This festival is very well known among the world festivals because of its diversity and bringing together who aren’t really liberal or orthodox.

The festival is a reminder to everyone that no matter who you are and where do you belong one can get along in groups, there is a place for you.

Even the non- Jews could learn some extra bit about the festival and the culture after attending this, this year’s Jewish festival was kicked off with fun and had ended with children’s performance and there were some other activities in kids space as well, they played dodge ball which ga-ga in Hebrew.

Even the ga-ga court was nothing but a demonstration of the Krav Marga,the Israeli Martial arts.

The Boulder Jewish Teen initiative’s active member Hannah Flikman said that this festival was a brilliant opportunity for people round the globe to learn more about the Jewish culture and food and music, everything this year was so perfect that it has bought a rejuvenating feeling in the audience and this was not only it even the activities arranged for kids had a spice of culture added to it which worked like cherry on the cake.

This was a very moving and connecting festival which bought everyone more closer to the Jewish culture irrespective of what their original culture was and as it is said all’s well if the end is well.


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