Booba receives the support of Jean-Marie Bigard and it’s very funny!

Increasingly critical of government choices, Booba receives support from Jean-Marie Bigard on Twitter.

Very active on social networks, Booba does not hesitate to say what he thinks of the choices of the French government concerning the management of the pandemic. Banned from Twitter, the very famous rapper can count on Jean Marie Bigard. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Booba banned from Twitter for a few hours

Many French people question government decisions concerning the Covid-19 pandemic. And among them, we find various personalities.

On social networks, Booba is more and more critical. The one who reigns supreme over French rap for more than 20 years begins to doubt the effectiveness of certain measures…

And he does not hesitate to let it be known! So much so that he made himself ban from twitter for a few hours during the day on Saturday January 8, 2022.

The performer of the title Like a star then received the support of many fans, but also of a very famous French comedian. You will no doubt have understood it, it is therefore Jean-Marie Bigard.

Like the Duke, the 67-year-old actor and director is quite suspicious. On social networks, but also on TV sets, he has repeatedly displayed his opposition to the vaccine and the health pass.

Monday January 10, 2022, the one who shares the daily life of the beautiful Lola Marois therefore fed his Twitter account with two new videos.

In it, he brings his support for Booba and points the finger, not without humor, the social network to the blue bird. It must be said that he, too, was repeatedly banned from platforms. MCE TV tells you more!

Booba receives the support of Jean-Marie Bigard and it's very funny!

Jean-Marie Bigard is amused by the situation

In the first video, Jean-Marie Bigard lends his support to whom he calls “my friend Booba“. He then accuses Twitter of censoring those who dare to show their mistrust…

“He just got cut, see? That is, if you say the wrong word on your Facebook – this has happened to me a thousand times of course – you are cut”, laments the comedian.

” There is things you’re not allowed to say, he continues then. So, since they can’t watch everyone at once, a robot takes care of it. It’s a machine. »

“He has no sense of humor at all, you know? he then adds. The robot in question, it seeks, but it does not understand, for example, the second degree. »

In the second video, Jean-Marie Bigard then has fun swinging words he thinks are forbidden on the social network. Which visibly amused internet users.

“There are words, for example… like vaccine! You don’t have to say vaccine right now, shouts the actor with humor. You can’t say Macron […] I just said both, so I’m taking a risk. »

As you will have understood, Booba can therefore count on the comedian’s unconditional support. We let you discover the videos!


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