Blue Origin: a petition to keep Jeff Bezos in space forever collects thousands of signatures

Jeff Bezos will participate in a lightning flight July 20 aboard the New Shepard. In this regard, a petition has just emerged on the Web to prohibit the return of the billionaire to Earth, described as “an evil overlord” seeking to dominate the world.

A petition to keep Jeff Bezos in space forever

On July 20, the New Shepard will make its first manned space flight. A trip in which Jeff Bezos will participate in particular. And some would like the billionaire never to return to Earth when the flight is supposed to last 10 minutes. With this in mind, a petition has emerged on the Change website. As of this writing, it has already been signed by over 12,600 people.

At the origin of the petition, we find a certain Jose Ortiz who does not go dead hand with the richest man in the world. He thus asserts that Jeff Bezos is none other than Lex Luthor, Superman’s main enemy. And to describe him as an evil monarch only seeking to dominate the planet. “We have known this for years. Jeff worked with the Epsteins and the Templars, as well as with the Freemasons to take control of the whole world ”, can we read in particular.

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Petition to keep Jeff Bezos in space: goal of 15,000 signatures

At first glance, this is a humorous petition full of second degree. The comparison with Lex Luthor, probably linked to the bald head that the character and Bezos share, can support this point. Still, in these times troubled by conspiracy, it is possible that some are taking the matter seriously. Especially since it is indicated that “This may be our last chance before they activate the 5G chips and carry out a massive takeover.”

Either a direct reference to false information claiming that anti-Covid vaccines incorporate 5G chips. Fake news taken at face value by many Internet users. “The fate of humanity is in your hands”, concludes the petition which targets 15,000 signatures. A score that should be easily achieved. But that will obviously not prevent the billionaire from coming back to our good old Earth.



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