Blizzard returns to Ultrawide display support for Diablo II: Resurrected

Hell in (not too) big

Blizzard and the Promises, it’s always a complicated story: after recently revisiting the possibility of playing in LAN, the studio confirms that it will ultimately not be possible to play au format Ultrawide (21: 9) to Diablo II: Resurrected.

During the technical alpha that took place in April, the development team realized that extended resolutions (which display many more elements than the more standard formats) cause big problems of playability, in particular related to the AI ​​of enemies.

Players with 21: 9 monitors were able to draw many more monsters into battle at a range limit beyond the original game’s intent. In a scenario where players (e.g. playing a ranged class) attacked monsters, players with 21: 9 monitors could hit enemies with that extra screen space, while monsters did not react, while still hitting enemies with that extra screen space. that can be defeated. Ultimately, the AI ​​doesn’t register being touched at that extra distance provided by a 21: 9 monitor. This isn’t intended, especially if you’re sharing a game with a 16: 9 user.

Since the strength of Diablo II: Resurrected is to get to propose a modern graphic layer impressive, while retaining the original gameplay engine, it is assumed that the former Vicarious Games team could not / dare modify beyond measure the bowels of the cult Hack’n’Slash that appeared in 2000.

Obviously, since the game also aims to be an essential online meeting and that the support of Ultrawides resolutions allows abuse, it was therefore decided not to implement them for obvious reasons of parity. However, users of such screens will still be able to play a (slightly) beyond 16: 9 :

To protect the integrity of everyone’s experience and promote a level playing field for all, Ultrawide monitor users will be able to have their game screen expanded to 19: 9 (the maximum length of in-game limitation zones) with a thumbnail on the sides of the game screen. We recognize that gamers have spent a lot of money putting their 21: 9 hardware setups together and seeing black bars can be frustrating for their experience. So we’ll continue to follow these discussions and explore possible solutions that don’t change the way the game is played.

To be continued. In all cases, Diablo II: Resurrected will be available September 23 sur PC, consoles Xbox, PlayStation et Nintendo Switch.


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