Blizzard promises a nice cruise flight for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight in 2023

Successful takeoff, in any case

World of Warcraft players are quite satisfied of the launch et original content of the latest expansion of the MMORPG, Dragonflightgot out end of November last. However, it was not an easy task for Blizzard, who then suffered a hell of a wave of negative reviews about Shadowlandsthe operation of which will have known a lot of stockings.

But of course it is top of dragonflight that the studio intends to surf, and it even has a well-oiled plan for it. In effect, Blizzard shared on the official WoW website a roadmap that maps out all year 2023divided into 3 seasons of content.

Explicitly quoting Legionconsidered the last major expansion for World of Warcraft, executive producer Holly Longdale indicates wanting to repeat the feat with a meticulously prepared follow-up.

  • This story has only just begun. An extension of World of Warcraft is not a moment frozen in time, but a real journey. We know that the merit of an extension is measured by the quality of its narrative arc. Years after its release, we remember Legion for the 11 weeks of content updates that shaped it in its first year, not to mention Khadgar’s Artifacts and heartfelt lines.
  • As we prepare the sequel to the adventures of Dragonflight, we are always mindful of our responsibility to players for the preservation of this living world. We know we have to do better than what has been done recently. Our goal for Dragonflight is to ensure that there is always something new on the horizon, by offering updates at a more sustained pace.

It is the case to say it: not less than 6 major content updates are expected until the end of 2023, with patches 10.1 and 10.2 being starting points for future seasons who will bring new regions to explore, new raids and mythic dungeons +accompanied various improvements et feature additions. Of course, the storyline of Dragonflight should grow throughout the year.

The goal is simply to always give you more: more story, more content, more rewards, more events, more technological improvements, and less downtime between each update. I don’t want to tell you everything, but I’m sure no one is expecting some of the surprises that await you. Some details just aren’t ironed out yet, and your feedback will help us determine exactly what to prioritize during these updates.

Expected for “early 2023”, the first update should logically not take too long. This patch that will bring World of Warcraft to in version 10.0.5 includes the new counter system unique cosmetic rewards, and transmog options which now extend to common objects. And always more things to do in the region of the Primalist Tomorrows.

Behind the scenes, Blizzard actually seems to have gone to great lengths to ensure the future of World of Warcraftin order to meet the expectations of players with regard to the content on publication sometimes considered too sporadic. It is with this in mind that the studio acquired another earlier in the year: Proletariat. The entity responsible for the Battle Royale Spellbreak has merged into the WoW team, in order to participate in the design and constant creation of contentof which we have just had a glimpse.


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