A new June Security Update for blackberry models powered by android was confirmed from a tweet by Security Incident Response Team (SIRT) of BlackBerry. Not many still own blackberry handsets given the great amount of competition in the market but however the company wishes to serve their loyal customers as much as they can and ensure that they get the best of both worlds.

BlackBerry pushes out June security update for Android phones purchased from the manufacturer
BlackBerry’s June security update for android phones

In the given state of corruption, security is a main issues and always on the mind of every individual. Be in in terms of back accounts, email accounts, or any general information about the individual for that matter. But then again maintaining a secrecy in this era of openness is another issue altogether. Thus this approach by BlackBerry to provide a June Update for its security system powered by android is a major leap in their progress and re-establishment in the market.

However this update will initially be limited to only those BlackBerry models that were purchased from Shop BlackBerry website. Those who have purchased the blackberry handsets from retailers might have to wait a little longer to receive the update that has been scheduled by those sellers.

BlackBerry of late have been promoting android handsets as strong and powerful security system enabled devices. Not every BlackBerry phone is eligible for the update. Thus the users need to know their model and check for its compatibility before being too hopeful about the security update.

The positive thing however is that most of the devices are included in this list. The list of BlackBerry handsets which are about to obtain the update include, BlackBerry Priv, BlackBerry DTEK50, BlackBerry DTEK60 and the newly launched BlackBerry KEYone.

The updating process for the security system is also simple and user friendly. After your device has undergone the update the security patch level on the particular phone will show June 5th, 2017. You can reassure that your phone has undergone the security update by going to settings on your phone followed by ‘about phone’, where all the information you require will be provided at once.

The process is mostly like any OTA update, which will pop up when it is available by the company on your phone. All you have to do to get the update done is, have a proper Wi-Fi connectivity along with a battery that is completely charged. This done your update will be initiated automatically as soon as it is available.

These timely updates are generally available for BlackBerry devices that are brought from the market directly and thus if you are planning to get a BlackBerry handset for yourself then it is suggested that you order it from the Official BlackBerry website. Chances of being deceived by fake models of BlackBerry are also removed completely.

So why be confused about buying BlackBerry as your next handset, the security in the handset has been updated and it is better than ever. The June Security update by BlackBerry is a much sought after thing at present.


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