Black Friday has started, prices fall by -50% (code)

With booming growth in the past five years, the Emma mattress brand is now positioned as a benchmark player in Europe. To boost its volumes at the end of the year, the manufacturer’s official website displays discounts of up to 50% on all models. As a bonus, the code PRESSCITRON10 allows you to reduce the final bill by an additional 10%.

To see Emma’s offers, it’s here:

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A few months ago, Emma introduced a new mattress in her range: the Emma Hybrid. The latter is added to its history Emma Original which has sold more than 2 million copies. If the Original model remains significantly cheaper than the Hybrid format, it is also less sophisticated. From a value for money point of view, however, both mattresses are excellent.

How to choose your Emma mattress?

If Emma dominates the online bedding market so much, it is because she has developed quality beds at exceptional prices. By focusing on a single sales channel (on the internet), it reduces costs. It is not found in physical stores, which allows it to lower its expenses and pass the savings on to its mattresses.

In the end, an Emma mattress costs on average 2 to 3 times less than a similar product in a store. To top it off, Black Friday has been there and the rates are even more affordable. For example, the Original model is sold at 389 euros instead of 499 euros for the 140x200cm version. By adding the code PRESSCITRON10, you can further reduce the bill to fall to 350 euros on the dot.

I discover Emma offers

The Original model is the ultimate memory foam mattress. Elected several times Product of the Year, it will come to adapt to the morphology of each one. If this foam is known to be relatively warm, the brand has developed Airgocell technology to ensure excellent ventilation of the bed. Whatever the time of year, it will never be too hot or too cold.

Last April, the Emma Hybrid mattress entered the market. Directly recognized as the “best choice” according to UFC Que Choisir, it offers more premium comfort thanks to a dual integrated technology: the memory foam is superimposed on a layer of pocket springs (12.5 cm) . We are very far from the old spring mattresses as some can imagine: today it is the ultimate luxury in terms of comfort.

Obviously, the Hybrid mattress is more expensive because it provides an additional level of comfort. That said, it now accounts for half of the brand’s sales and it could even gain the upper hand over the Original model. In terms of the price for this Black Friday, this Emma mattress drops to 629 euros instead of 1049 euros for the 140 × 200 cm version. With the code PRESSCITRON10, it even drops to 566 euros. If you want to treat yourself, this is a great choice.

A 100-day trial period

If Amazon also offers the entire range of Emma mattresses, there are several drawbacks with it. First of all, the prices are not as affordable as on the brand’s official website. Most importantly, you will not be able to claim the 100 day trial period that is available on the Emma site. This is a huge asset that allows you to test the product without any risk (and without obligation) at home.

To see Emma’s Black Friday mattresses, it’s here:

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