Black boxes will be mandatory in cars from May 2022

Next year, cars sold in Europe will need to be fitted with an event data recorder. A “black box” which will be of great help to better understand the context of an accident. However, the information it collects will not be accessible to insurance companies.

Black boxes soon to be required in cars

As of May 2022, manufacturers will have to include a black box inside the cars they will produce. A measure that concerns all European countries. It will also be extended to all used cars in 2024. Known under the technical name of event data recorder, this famous black box will be used in particular in the event of an accident. And for good reason, it will conscientiously record a lot of information relating to the vehicle before the impact. But also during and after the accident.

Concretely, the black box will provide data on acceleration and braking, speed, position of the steering wheel. Or to know if the seatbelts of the occupants were well put on. As you will have understood, it will be a priori only data directly related to driving. Thanks to the GDPR regulations, it would thus be impossible for the discussions of the occupants of the car to be recorded. However, this point still needs to be clarified before the implementation of this new regulation.

Black boxes in cars: insurers will not have access

It also remains to be seen for how long this information will be kept. Which should be available exclusively to law enforcement. This so that the latter can shed light on the circumstances of the accident. Thus, insurance companies will not be able to access it. There will also be no elements to lift the veil on the identity of the driver.

“An event data recorder is not capable of recording and memorizing the last four digits of the ‘vehicle designation’ part of the vehicle identification number, nor any other information which could allow individual identification. of the vehicle concerned, of its owner or keeper ‘, can we read in particular in the regulations.

Moreover, note that the black box will be impossible to reach in order to avoid it being neutralized. Also note that other devices will also be integrated into vehicles such as the drowsiness detector or the intelligent speed limiter.



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