Billie Eilish will do the show at the next Saturday Night Live!

After Kim Kardashian, it’s Billie Eilish’s turn to present “Saturday Night Live”. Incredible luck for the singer!

Billie Eilish has announced big news to her fans on Instagram. The singer was chosen to host the show Saturday Night Live, but that’s not all. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The singer succeeds everything in her path

Between the soundtrack of the last James Bond, Die can wait, and the release of her first perfume, Billie Eilish has a series of flourishing projects. Thus from the top of her 19 years, the singer is living a waking dream. The artist makes the most of the opportunities that come their way for a few years.

And she is right. Besides, Billie Eilish does not stop there. Indeed, in addition to launching its perfume, she also created her chocolate bar with vegetable milk.

Here is the proof that the artist intends to make his name a brand. And she wouldn’t be wrong. Since his colleagues artists do not hesitate to make their fame a business.

Evidenced by the many brands created by artists. Besides, the latest is Harry Styles. eh yes the ex-member of One Direction has his own brand beauty like Ariana Grande.

Who knows Billie Eilish will also be able to embark on the adventure? Waiting for, she enjoys the success of her latest album before starting her world tour in June 2021. Thus, the singer connects the promos on the TV sets.

It is therefore natural that Billie Eilish agreed, without batting an eyelid, to present the legendary show. Saturday Night Live. She succeeds Kim Kardashian who electrified the Web by being very funny and sure of herself.

The young singer will she do as well as mom from north west ? MCE TV tells you more!

Billie Eilish to present and sing on Saturday Night Live

The singer announced this good news on Instagram. Not only she will slip into the role of presenter, but in addition she will do the show on stage as a musical guest.

The 19-year-old will return to the show on December 11, 2021. Indeed, Billie Eilish has already been on the show in 2019. Moreover, she had caused a sensation during her first visit.

And for good reason, she had already done the show but as a guest. It had been received by Woody Harrelson who was a presenter in season 45 of Saturday Night Live. Billie Eilish also sang two of her songs : Bad Guy and i love you.

And as usual, she was accompanied by her older brother Finneas. Yep, Billie Eilish hardly ever does anything without him, they create, compose and record everything together. In short, it’s a great family affair.

For her big comeback, Billie Eilish will have two hats, that of presenter and guest. NBC then devotes a whole show to the singer. Something to delight fans of the singer.

The interpreter of Happier Than Ever will perform on the evening of Saturday, December 11 on NBC. She will therefore present Saturday Night Live a week before Paul Rudd who will receive singer Charli XCX. The American chain is therefore putting the package before the end of the year holidays.


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