Bigflo & Oli very happy to participate in this new project!

In an interview with M Radio, Bigflo & Oli confided in their new project: joining The Voice!

In just a few months, The Voice should make its comeback on TF1. And for this new season, there is a great novelty. This time, there will be. Bigflo & Oli join the project.

A new project for Bigflo & Oli

A few weeks ago, Bigflo & Oli announced very good news to their fans. The brothers revealed that they were going to join the adventure of The Voice. A music show they love and they are very proud to join.

Invited by Jérôme Zano and Constance Vercamer in the “16/20” of M Radio, Bigflo & Oli on this new project. They made secrets about their arrival in The Voice alongside Vianney, Zazie and Amel Bent.

This nomination still earned some criticism from the singers. Despite everything, they keep only their positive before starting the adventure in The Voice. Initially, Bigflo admitted that this is the good year to participate.

He confided: “It’s something we had in mind for a while. They offered us this year. And it was that of our last album. Our first album is seven years old, we are starting to have a small career..

Bigflo & Oli think it’s the perfect time to participate in The Voice. Bigflo revealed: “So we are more legitimate than when we were younger. In Belgium, we were really young, there we have more experience. »

For his part, Oli also thinks that participating in the show will bring them opportunities as producers. He explained : “It’s hard to say no to such an opportunity”.

“We are going to highlight atypical personalities”

Bigflo & Oli also admitted that it was a. They stated: “We may be able to reach an audience that does not know us”.

Before adding: “And then, we opened a label three years ago called Bonne Etoile with three artists signed so there was also a sense of discover new talentsa new nugget and go in the transmission ».

Bigflo & Oli already know the talents they want in their team. Indeed, they will favor atypical personalities: “I think we are going to highlight atypical personalities”.

Bigflo also explained: “I would like us to be the jurors of the atypical”. Oli, meanwhile, also wants to focus on emotion. It is a very important moment for him that he also wants to highlight.

Bigflo & Oli revealed : ” We are not not a math theory thing, we want to focus on emotion. Afterwards, it’s like love. I feel like when you want to find it, you can’t find it.”.

He also confided: “So I will rather let myself go on the path of life”. One thing is certain, their fans can’t wait to find them in this new season of The Voice.

Some are also wondering how Bigflo & Oli will approach this new season. They will also have to put themselves ok for talent which they will choose. Opinions may differ. To be continued !


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