Bigflo & Oli: Julien Doré very moved during their clip “Coup de vieux”!

On Instagram, Bigflo & Oli unveiled a sequence from their Coup de vieux clip in which Julien Doré appears. And he was very moved.

The year 2022 marks the return of Bigflo & Oli. The brothers from Toulouse have offered a new album to their audience but not only. In effect, a new title, in feat with Julien Doré has just been released. And to believe the reaction of the coach of The Voice Kids, this invitation has touched him a lot.

The brothers and with Orelsan

But before offering a feat to Julien Doré, the two brothers “settled their accounts”. Although the term remains a bit exaggerated, Bigflo still slipped a tackle to a very well-known artist. This one being none other than Orelsan.

In reality, the biggest of the Bigflo & Oli duo had to rank the Gringe homie’s feats. The opportunity for the one who is from Toulouse to empty his bag. Indeed, a piece did not please him at all and he did not hesitate to let it be known. But what sound is it?

According to the words of Oli’s brother, it would be My Life. A piece of which he does not have good memories and which he does not really listen to. In particular because of a tackle from Oxmo in his collab with Orelsan as the artist recalls.

“There is a spade on us from Oxmo. It’s really not crazy, do not abuse. I want to have the second degree and be nice, I’m not going to put it on you either ”. In fact, he refused to place this piece in his classification.

But the member of the Bigflo & Oli group did not stop there and continued:“It didn’t please me. I listened to the sound, and I wasn’t in ‘I enjoy it’ mode”. On the other hand, what delights the two brothers, it is their future participation in The Voice.

“It’s something we had in mind for a while. They offered us this year. And it was that of our last album. It’s hard to say no to such an opportunity.”. Did they let our colleagues from M Radio know.

Bigflo & Oli in project with Julien Doré

Maybe they can find Julien Doré. The latter is therefore a coach in the kids version of the program. And everyone knows how close the trio have been for several weeks. Since they have chained the projects.

Proof of this is with the clip Coup de vieux by Bigflo & Oli with Julien Diré. A brand new clip in which the interpreter of Coco Caline has therefore seen all the colors. The brothers speak at the beginning of the clip to explain the history of this project:

« A month ago, we asked you for clip ideas for our feat with Julien Doré. We chose 50 ideas. He doesn’t know anything.”. In fact, during filming, Julien Doré found himself doing anything and everything and it made him laugh a lot.

It is in any case what can be seen in most of the title of Bigflo & Oli. In which he can be seen making a marching band. Juggling a zucchini. Or to drive a solex. But what the artist did not know was that a surprise sequence was being shot.

Given that Bigflo & Oli unveiled a sequence at the end of the clipin which we can see Julien Doré very moved.“After the surprise sequence shot: the reaction of @jdoreofficiel haha ​​magic”. wrote the brothers in the caption of their post.


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