Beware, the webcam scam is back

For a few years now, cyber-crooks have been overflowing with originality in an attempt to extort a few euros or personal data from unfortunately credulous or frightened victims. In addition to the scams concerning the Personal Training Account or the Carte Vitale, some Internet users may have received, by email, a (false) summons from the national police, which evokes legal proceedings concerning child pornography, pedophilia, ‘exhibitionism…

What is the webcam scam?

Among the scams returning lately is webcam blackmail. As always, this is a scam that will play on the credulity of the Internet user, by making him believe that he was filmed without his knowledge, by his webcam therefore. The cybercriminal then explains to him that he has obtained compromising videos, following the consultation of a pornographic site.

From then on, we explain to the Internet user that the videos in question will be published to his personal contacts, or even professional ones… except of course, if the victim agrees to pay a ransom. “This ransom, which ranges from a few hundred to several thousand euros, is often demanded in virtual currency (usually in Bitcoin) or PCS coupon”explains the Cybermalveillance site, whose traffic has exploded in recent days.

To guard against this kind of attack, it is advisable to update your devices, use an antivirus and avoid unsafe or illegal websites as much as possible. You can also hide your webcam with adhesive tape. In reality, there is very little chance that the user really has something compromising to reproach himself for, which could end up in the hands of others.

The Cybermalveillance platform thus invites the users concerned above all not to reply to emails, under penalty (among other things) of confirming to cybercriminals the “valid” side of the messaging. Obviously, no ransom should be paid, and evidence should be kept, via screenshots, to report the scam to the authorities, by filing a complaint online on the THESEE platform dedicated to this type of offence.


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