Beware of this bank email, it is a scam

For once, a new scam is looming in our e-mail boxes. Thanks to this scam, malicious people are currently posing as the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (ACPR) and demanding payment of a contribution.

No, the banking policeman is not asking you for money

Yet this is what these malicious emails sent to businesses and individuals suggest. Indeed, these ACPR headed emails indicate that recipients will soon receive a call for contributions to the deposit guarantee and resolution fund and that they will then have to settle it.

However, the ACPR is absolutely not at the origin of these e-mails and ask everyone to be careful with such requests.

The Prudential Control and Resolution Authority is the body of the Banque de France responsible for supervising the activity of banks and insurance companies. Roughly speaking, it is the policeman of the banking sector. In a press release dated Friday, October 1, 2021, the organization alerts the general public about this scam and asks them to exercise the utmost vigilance.

Indeed, the ACPR recalls that only credit institutions are subject to this contribution and that commercial companies or individuals are not affected by such a call for contributions. And if you are indeed a credit institution, the organization indicates that it will inform you individually of the latter according to the usual procedures.

The banking sector policeman says he takes this scam very seriously. He particularly suspects a large-scale shipment. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that criminals pass themselves off as the ACPR. And it probably won’t be the last.

Unfortunately, such scams are rife. It is advisable to always verify the authenticity of emails asking for money. Often the sender’s address is a little different from the real address. Also, it is not uncommon for syntax or spelling errors to creep into the body of the email. So keep an eye out, and the good one, when you consult your mailbox.

Scams in the banking sector, a real scourge

Hackers try to rip you off by all means, even pretending to be Decathlon. But the banking sector is a real open door to scams. Indeed, hackers use the complexity of the environment to attack people who do not know much about it. When in doubt, the victims of such scams prefer to do so rather than find themselves in an unfortunate situation.

However, sometimes it only takes a few clicks to become aware of the scam. Indeed, in this case, a simple search on Google can be enough to show that no, you are not required to pay this contribution.

While we are more vigilant against phishing attempts, these attacks nonetheless remain a significant threat in 2021.

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