Best stabilizers for smartphones: which one to choose in 2021?

Smartphone stabilizers allow you to take better photos and videos without the risk of ruining them with small hand movements. If you are by nature demanding when it comes to rendering your shots, there is nothing like this type of accessory to make your videos successful. In this buying guide, we bring you a selection of the best smartphone stabilizers available in 2021.

Smartphone stabilizer: buying guide

Professional cameras and cameras obviously offer the best performance for photos and videos. But thanks to the exponential technical progress of recent years, smartphone sensors now also make it possible to have excellent renderings. Especially since smart phones are also equipped with optical stabilizers to compensate for the impact of hand movements on pictures and filmed sequences.

However, it is often enough to watch a video of several minutes to realize the obvious: stabilization is far from always perfect. And to avoid unpleasant surprises during important moments or for professional shots, there’s nothing like a gimbal. Which one will you get fluid and flawless images.

We have therefore selected five stabilizers for smartphones that we present to you in this guide. Good reading !

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Best stabilizers for smartphones: our buying guide

The DJI OM 4

The DJI OM 4 stabilizer

This foldable stabilizer made by DJI is without doubt the ultimate in its class. You will be able to attach your smartphone very quickly (and easily) to it via the magnetic bracket or ring. This is not negligible, especially in the event of repeated use. In addition to its fast rotation system, it is full of appreciable options in its app like the Hollywood-style DynamicZoom. Or the timelapse mode and ActiveTrack 3.0 to easily follow the people you want to film.

It also has a very large autonomy of 15 hours. Another good point, it easily recognizes the multiple sensors embedded in flagships like the iPhone 12 Pro Max. However, check that your smartphone is compatible to fully exploit the characteristics of this high-end folding stabilizer. Which should allow you to get renderings that are as stable as they are creative. His price ? 130 euros.

The Hohem stabilizer

Stabilizer Hohem

More accessible for your wallet, this foldable three-axis stabilizer has many advantages that may convince you. Very light (259 grams), it is easily transportable and works with the majority of Apple, Huawei or XIaomi smartphones. You can easily control everything via its very ergonomic buttons. Thanks to its Hohem Pro application, you will also benefit from a myriad of features that will enhance your sequences.

We can notably mention the Dolly Zoom which automatically stretches the zoom when you move forwards or backwards. But also the Auto Inception Mode rotating your camera while shooting. We also appreciate its 320-degree triaxial rotation, its timelapse mode, its beauty filters and its ability to follow faces and objects. With an autonomy of eight hours, it finally allows a very good stability thanks to its motorized system. His price ? 80 euros.

Le Feiyu Vimble 2S

Feiyu stabilizer

Designed by Feiyu, this model shines in particular thanks to its highly responsive 360-degree three-axis stabilization. Its telescopic arm, which offers 11 to 29 cm more, is a great ally for taking selfies and friendly snapshots. Its extension also makes it possible to gain height without losing stability. Supplied with a handle that turns into a tripod, this stabilizer also comes with a feature-rich mobile application.

In this case, we retain in particular its automatic face tracking feature as well as its Ultimate POV mode. Which allows you to move 360 ​​degrees in all directions, which comes in handy for capturing complex movements and angles. It is also possible to take dynamic time-lapse shots and to take panoramas. In addition to its increased autonomy of ten hours and its zoom slider, this Feiyu stabilizer is equipped with a Micro USB port which will give you the possibility of recharging your smartphone. His price ? 90 euros.

Le Zhiyun CINEPEER C11

Zhi Yun

With this Zhiyun stabilizer, you will be able to easily control the zoom, pan and tilt via a slider and a four-way joystick. Zooming in / out is done instantly thanks to the Zy App application. With its stabilization system consisting of three axes, the C11 ultimately offers very smooth images when you move.

Moreover, this stabilizer will allow you to use several cinematographic modes which will sublimate your sequences (locking, following, POV). Also note its support for object tracking, timelapse or motionlapse. It is also very easy to juggle between landscape and portrait modes with this model. Weighing only 440 grams, it will hold the road for 12 hours before unloading. And can give your smartphone a boost thanks to its USB port. His price ? 80 euros.

Le Andoer 3-Axis

Le Andoer 3-Axis

This is the cheapest gimbal in this buying guide. It offers much less functionality, especially when it comes to shots. It thus appears to be a good device for budding videographers who are just starting out. As its name suggests, it is built around three axes, which allows you to alternate horizontal and vertical shots with great speed. It works with the vast majority of smartphones currently available on the market. But also with action cameras like GoPro.

Supplied with a tripod that will allow you to gain stability, it can last a maximum of six hours before unloading. We also appreciate its ability to automatically adjust the shots as well as its four modes (locked, semi-tracking, full tracking). His price ? 63 euros.


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