Best Class of NZ-41 on CoD: Vanguard

CoD Vanguard takes the Call of Duty franchise back to its WWII roots. Among the weapons available is the NZ-41 assault rifle. Find out its best class to dominate your opponents on Vanguard.

The NZ-41 which is inspired by the Charlton automatic rifle was designed by a New Zealander named Philip Charlton, hence the designation “NZ”.

While not the most popular assault rifle among gamers, this one is relatively powerful, however.

Statistics NZ41 Vanguard

Best Class of NZ-41 on CoD: Vanguard

NZ-41 Vanguard

A preview of the NZ-41 without accessories on Vanguard.

The best accessories

Site name
Mouth F8 stabilizer
Canon Orbweaver 360 MM BC
Telescope Slate deflector
Crosse LOR MK3 SC
Cannon accessory Carver handle
Ammunition type Elongated
Rear handle Polymer handle
Expertise Reinforcement
Kit Fully loaded

This class of the NZ-41 aims to maximize the accuracy and damage of this weapon, especially for medium and long range combat.

The F8 Stabilizer, Orbweaver 360 MM BC cannon and Carver Grip will allow you to dramatically improve accuracy, especially in long range combat. Pair that with the Reinforcement Expertise and you should hit most of your balls.

The LOR MK3 SC stock and polymer grip also greatly improve accuracy and recoil control.

And finally, Extended ammo dramatically increases bullet speed, while Full Loaded keeps you running out of ammo too quickly, making long rounds of kills easier.

The best assets

The trump Ghost is ideal for sneaking around the map. Very useful when you are in possession of a submachine gun like the MP-40.

Radar will allow you to have an advantage over your enemies who shoot without silencer. You know their position on your minimap, all you have to do is surprise them!

At last, No race is an almost indispensable asset in Vanguard. You need to be keen and move around the map more easily.

The best secondary weapons

The 1911 is a versatile and precise semi-automatic pistol that deals high damage at close to medium range.

The best equipment

  • MK2 Frag Grenade
  • Stimulant

There aren’t many effective grenades available at the start of Beta. The fragmentation grenade will do the trick. Maybe interesting in objective game modes.

The stimulant is however essential on Vanguard. It regenerates your health as well as the tactical sprint cooldown.

How to play with the NZ-41 on CoD: Vanguard


The NZ-41 in play on CoD: Vanguard.

While the NZ-41 might not be the best option in the assault rifle class on Vanguard, this weapon does have good speed and rate of fire, however, which is ideal for aggressive players.

In addition, the NZ-41 can boast of inflicting significant damage, although it is held back by an equally large recoil, which is binding for long-range shots.

In short, we advise you to use this weapon a bit like a submachine gun.

You now have all the keys in hand to wreak havoc with the best class of the NZ-41.

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