Best Bluetooth wireless headsets: buying guide 2021

Finding the best Bluetooth wireless headset that suits your needs doesn’t have to be easy. For those looking above all for good sound quality, it is not easy to decide on the multitude of models available on the market. In order to reduce the scope of choice to the essentials, we have selected for you the best wireless headsets available in 2021.

The best bluetooth headsets

There are still a lot of devotees to classic headphones that work with a jack. But the general trend is clear: wireless has taken over. Preferences are shared between wireless headphones and Bluetooth wireless headsets. The latter abound on the market, in different price ranges for equally variable qualities. However, it is clear that Bluetooth headphones are more and more efficient, offering very good results with increased fluidity. At all good for our ears!

The best bluetooth headsets in 2021

Several criteria are important to make an informed choice. The most important in our understanding are comfort, use, quality of renderings, autonomy, not to mention some significant features such as active noise reduction and an application dedicated to settings. That being said, what are the best bluetooth headsets available on the market in 2021 and which are worth it for their value? Here is our selection.

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Le Marshall Major 3 BT

Casque Marshall Major 3

Decked out with solid rubber shock absorbers and a foldable headband, this Bluetooth headset shines with its very long battery life of up to 30 hours. Enough to listen to your favorite songs for a long time without worrying that the battery will fail. Moreover, this model signed Marshall is distinguished by its dynamic speakers distilling a full range of frequencies. 40mm transducers that faithfully transcribe the bass while smoothing the clearest mids and highs.

It also has a microphone to make your phone calls easily. Foldable and light weight, it will easily accompany you on all your trips.

  • Interface audio : Bluetooth, Jack 3,5 mm
  • Active noise reduction : non
  • Microphone : Yes
  • Autonomy : 30 hours
  • Weight : 178 grams
  • Price : 150 euros

Le Sony WH-1000XM3

Sony WH-1000XM3 Noir

We can quite qualify the Sony WH-1000XM3 as a Rolls in its category. And for good reason, this Bluetooth headset has excellent active noise reduction, probably the most efficient on the market today. To deactivate it and hear ambient noise again, you just need to touch the headset again. Similar handling will also allow you to take calls.

Level rendered, you can count on a high precision of the treble. But also on energetic mids at will and very pronounced bass. Depending on your taste, you can also calibrate everything differently in the settings accessible from the app. This Bluetooth headset is also distinguished by its impressive battery life of over 30 hours. Another good point, it is compatible with fast charging via USB-C, 10 minutes offering five hours of use.

  • Interface audio : Bluetooth 4.2, NFC, stereo mini-jack
  • Active noise reduction : Yes
  • Microphone : Yes
  • Autonomy : more than 30 hours
  • Weight : 225 grams
  • Price : 280 euros

Le JBL Live 650 BTNC

JBL bluetooth headphones

Much less expensive than the Sony headphones mentioned above, this model designed by JBL still deserves to linger. It is also equipped with a noise canceling system. Very efficient, it allows you to immerse yourself in music without interfering with the outside world. The sound renders are also licked with a strong sense of detail. The highs are well calibrated but the bass would however have benefited from being more precise. It is possible to use the JBL My Headphone application to equalize the sounds.

In addition, this headset has a battery life of 26 hours as well as a myriad of controls on the ear cups. Which allow you to manage active noise reduction, calls, sound intensity or even the songs played. A light press also gives you access to Google Assistant or Alexa.

  • Interface audio : Bluetooth 4.2, Jack
  • Active noise reduction: Yes
  • Microphone : Yes
  • Autonomy: 26 hours
  • Weight: 260 grams
  • Price: 142 euros

The AKG n60ncb

AKG headphones

These on-ear wireless headphones broadcast crystal-clear sound characterized in particular by the depth of blacks and the richness of the mids offered. In short, the renderings are not excessively detailed without suffering from any annoying frills for your ears. It is also equipped with an active noise reduction system to better immerse yourself in its playlists.

This works effectively on low frequencies like the ambient noise of the city, much less on higher-pitched sounds like the discussions which animate around the user. You can enjoy it for 15 hours if you go through Bluetooth and up to 30 hours in wired mode. Integrated controls on the headphones will give you the ability to control music playback.

  • Interface audio : Bluetooth, Jack 3,5 mm
  • Active noise reduction: Yes
  • Microphone : Yes
  • Autonomy: 15 hours
  • Weight: 199 grams
  • Price: 178 euros

Jabra Elite 85h Headset

Jabra Headset

With its meticulous workmanship and very decent performance, this Jabra headset could also be right for you. In particular, it propagates a very balanced sound over the majority of the audible spectrum. In the radius of sound renditions, it indeed distills deep bass as desired and treble well ventilated. Particular attention has also been paid to transcribe the details as well as possible, which does not spoil anything.

You can access all notable controls directly on it via physical buttons. And the famous active noise reduction function is also part of the game. The SmartSound also allows you to adjust the audio automatically according to your environment. In addition, we particularly appreciate its autonomy of 36 hours which can reach more than 40 hours if the active noise reduction is turned off. What to see coming! Finally, note that it is compatible with voice assistants Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri.

  • Interface audio : Bluetooth 5.0, mini-jack 3,5 mm
  • Active noise reduction: Yes
  • Microphone : Yes
  • Autonomy: 36 hours
  • Weight: 296 grams
  • Price: 249 euros

So much for our selection of the best audio and wireless headphones. All ranges are represented. You will surely find your happiness there. A favorite ? Do not hesitate to share it in the comments.


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