Benjamin Castaldi: Julien had a big fright with his newborn!

On his Instagram account, Julien, the son of Benjamin Castaldi, expressed his enormous fear a few days ago.

Not long ago, Julien, one of Benjamin Castaldi’s sons, took a step forward and became the father of a little Elio. However, although his new life is a real happiness, the young dad still admits get some scares. Like a few hours ago.

A baby who fills the Castaldis with happiness

But if some did not know, this baby was not really planned. Not that young parents didn’t want it, but they recently revealed an important point. They hadn’t planned to have one right away.

It was at the microphone of Purepeople that the son of Benjamin Castaldi made this revelation. “It’s an event that happened a little faster than expected. But it’s great news, I’m delighted.”. He explained first before adding:

“It’s going to be great, I think I’m ready (…) I wanted to be a young dadit went perfectly with what I wanted as a life ». As long as the young man felt ready, that was the most important thing. And it was on July 15 that his life changed.

Because yes, even if the ex-host of Mag d’NRJ12 announced it only a few hours ago, it is indeed in the middle of the month he landed. And this to the delight of his parents. The latter did not fail to thank their fans.

The community of Benjamin Castaldi’s son and his darling Kiara have indeed sent a lot of love to young parents. And wished them all the best for the start of their new life. Faced with this surge of love, the young dad saw himself obliged to respond.

“Touched by your many messages. We are overwhelmed with happiness, it was my dream that my grandparents could know my child and build my family”. he wrote. But since this message, a lot of things happened.

Benjamin Castaldi: Julien had a big fright with his newborn!
Benjamin Castaldi: Julien had a big fright with his newborn!

Benjamin Castaldi’s son, Julien, had a big scare with his baby

In any case, this is what he suggested on his social networks. The son of Benjamin Castaldi announced in particular that he had contracted a disease which has handicapped our lives for more than two years. You will understand, it is the Covid-19.

“Good as good news never comes alone, I have Covid. But it is okay. I love you ». He wrote following his thanks on Instagram. A bad period therefore presents itself to the new dad. And the galleys do not seem to be over.

Given that a few hours ago, the young man admitted to having experienced a huge hassle, as our colleagues from Télé-Loisirs. He revealed the “fontanelles” of his little Elio. These are soft spaces on the skull. But who go away when the bones finally come together.

A zone of course fragile that parents can touch. But with caution. Even if the son of Benjamin Castaldi was able to reassure himself, he admitted to having been very afraid and even almost went to the emergency room.

“It’s still scary… I learned a lot about baby skulls, it’s normal but it’s scary. I thought I had to go to the clinic urgently at that time”. In the end, the young dad held back and was able to find out before making a trip to the hospital for nothing.


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