Beginner’s Guide To Tears Of The Kingdom

Beginner’s Guide To Tears Of The Kingdom:

Tears of the Kingdom: The Legend of Zelda is a huge game. It’s not only one of the biggest open-world games on Nintendo Switch, but it also has more things to see, do, and find than Breath of the Wild.

It’s huge, and other than a few task makers and some helpful character conversation, it doesn’t point you in any particular way very often.

It’s easy to get confused about what to do initially within The Legend of Zelda¬†Tears of the Kingdom, since the map is so big and there are so many things to do.

Even if you only wish to concentrate on the primary narrative, there are likely to be side quests, prize hunts, and other visitors who will tell you about interesting places to check out.

The globe of The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom was huge. There are three huge playing areas the Sky Islands in the sky, the island of Hyrule in the middle, and the Depths at the bottom of the world.

It can be hard to determine out where to go first because the game provides you a few key story missions early on but doesn’t tell you much more than ” discover the things.”

Take Your Time To Pay Attention To The Story Order, Which You Can’t Skip:

Tears of the Kingdom is a lot such as Breath of the Wild in that you can’t really get into the world until you’ve proven yourself. Link and Zelda start the game by going under Hyrule Castle to be part of a story scene that can’t be skipped.

Link loses an arm, Zelda goes back in eternity, and you black out for who knows how long after you find Ganondorf’s furry remains. Our hero has a cool new arm as well as a voice within his head after coming here.

At least on the initial run, the next few hours will all take place in the sky to be Link talks to Rauru, the initial King of Hyrule, regarding where he is and what skills he needs to get out.

All of these can be found in shrines with tutorials, but don’t feel like you have to rush to finish them right away. Take your time and enjoy the scenery.

Hyrule isn’t going anywhere instead, the Great Sky Plateau is built in a manner that naturally draws your attention to interesting enemies as well as puzzles that not just test your skills but also show you how all of these fresh mechanics work in both new and old ways.

Get Used To Using Your Fresh Abilities On The Great Sky Island:

The introduction for Tears of the Kingdom is pretty long, and for good reason. It’s been 6¬†years since Breath of the Wild come out, and you also have four new skills to try out.

Your journey begins on the Great Sky Island, and over the course of it, you learn all four skills: Ultra-hand, Fuse, Ascend, as well as Recall. If you picture the Great Plateau, you’re not too far off.

The game shows you how to utilize all of these things and gives you an overview of how you can connect with the outside world through sites, wandering, as well as talking to the creations.

Simply put, you don’t have to leave the island right away to get to the ocean. Take your time, look around the island, and just have fun.

Where To Go In Hyrule First:

When you first arrive in Hyrule, you can pretty much go anywhere. But we think you should keep going with the game for a while, ideally until you get your paraglider and unlock the initial Skyview Tower.

This means you have to finish the quest To the Kingdom of Hyrule. Josha will also give you a quest called “Camera Work in the Depths” that will help you update the camera on your Purah Pad.

When you receive the Regional Phenomena mission, you’ll be told to go to four different goal marks. You may perform these within any sequence, but we suggest doing them in a certain way for the story.

Check Out Lookout Landing:

Within Breath of the Wild, it was a big no-no to follow your goal signs right away, but in Tears of the Kingdom, you can’t get a lot of important things unless you do.

When you’re done with the training island, you’ll be asked to fly down to the ground and land in a pond just a few 100 meters from Lookout Landing. Don’t waste time get there as soon as possible.

This hub area is like an initial center of operations that grows and changes with you as the game goes on. New people are going to arrive and depart, and since it’s nearby Hyrule Castle, Purah, who is now older, uses it to store her valuable study.

You can get both the paraglider and the camera by doing a pair of the early primary quests that take place here. You’ll have a hard time getting around Hyrule without both of these tools.

Earning them is pretty easy, and it will let you do more quests in The Depths before it becomes a major part of the story.

Tears of the Kingdom shows you a small part of a huge world as well as doesn’t give you a lot of guidance once you’re free, but if you’re a good little hero, it’ll be worth it.

Put Everything Down:

As in Breath of the Wild, there are a lot of supplies within Tears of the Kingdom, so you should pick up almost everything you see. There are a lot of early things that will help you cook and find your way.

Bright-bloom seeds are great because they make it easier to see in the dark. These can be found in holes, and you should keep them.

Spicy peppers, flame fruit, as well as ice fruit are all great ingredients for recipes that protect you from different kinds of weather. You can also use these to make elemental arrows that are pretty dangerous.

Bomb Flowers replaces your Remote Bomb from BOTW. If you don’t plunge down every cave you see, they can be hard to find. Even with a small starting collection, weapons should be a given.

In the last game, fighting in battles that weren’t necessary became a bit of a waste of time because you lost resources you could never get back. Weapons could break, food would be eaten, and spears would fly off into the distance because you couldn’t hit your targets.

Tears of the Kingdom appear more inactive, and Link is often encouraged to join the fight in exchange for plenty of prizes.

Most of the wooden boxes and other objects in Bokoblin dens can be broken to get arrows, food, and old weapons that could be put together to make your weaponry stronger.

Rupees also seem to be easier to get, either by selling your goods or discovering them under rocks, so spend them instead of saving them.

Get Your Zonai Gadgets:

You can find Zonai Dispensers on Great Sky Island. These are gacha tools that give out Zonai device pills for a price. You should spend your Zonai Charge on these early on as they will help you put together cars quickly.

You can get flame sources, wings, fans, and movable pots from the machine on the Great Sky Island.

Flame sources are great for making great weapons, and wings as well as fans are great for moving around. Portable pots are cooking pans that you can bring with you and use just once to cook something. They are very useful when you don’t have a fire or a cooking pot nearby.

Your Tools Can Be Fixed By An Octopus:

Even though what I said above is true, there may be times when you truly intend to keep a weapon. Well, if you find an Octorok, you can do that instead of just putting the weapon away for a wet day.

If you toss a weapon nearby an Octorok instead of at it, it will probably eat it when it afterwards performs its inhale attack. It will then be angry and shoot its weapon at you,

It will be a totally fixed version of that weapon, and it might even get an extra skill, like being able to charge faster. It’s something to remember if you ever meet an octopus.

Do This At Every Shrine You Find:

Shrines are easy to find within Tears of the Kingdom because they are covered in green energy that flows and can be seen from far away. They are closer together and better placed, and they are always near places like towns and farms that people tend to visit.

Even if you don’t want to do them to get Light Blessings that will make your health and energy better, you should at least turn them on to get a new quick starting point. This way, you can visit them later and don’t have to go back to places you’ve already been to.

I’d stress this when it involves the shrines within the sky, because it’s easy to become lost up there rather than find a puzzle or shrine you’ve seen before for hours. Think of shrines as little spots on your map that you can mark off when you find them.

Use what You’ve Learned:

Tears of the Kingdom encourages creativity at every turn, but its core may seem sufficiently comparable to that of Breath of the Wild which some players might forget to use their new skills because they feel so different.

It took me just under a dozen hours to find a good way to use abilities such as Recall and Fuse, which work best in the middle of a fight.

Learning how to use time travel to turn an enemy’s projectiles against them or how to use Ascend to sneak through the environment and get a better view will pay off in a big way.

Go To The Big Central Mine That’s Been Closed Down:

We won’t tell you why, however in Tears of the Kingdom, going through the deep is a necessary evil. If you stay there after the Camera Work within the Depths task, we suggest going straight south of the Iayusus Light root till you reach the massive Abandoned Central Mine.

There, you’ll get the Auto-build skill, which lets you build any Zonai structure you’ve already made quickly and easily, even if you don’t have any Zonai tools with you. When you meet Master Kohga of the Yiga clan, there’s a whole different problem that I wish we didn’t have to fix.


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