Become a web developer in 6 months? It’s possible with O’clock

Everyone returns to the benches of the university but you, you still have trouble projecting yourself. At the same time, it’s very understandable when we know that our studies will lead us to a job that we’ll do until we’re sixty, five days a week, seven hours a day. If you have a certain appetite for lines of code but don’t want to waste too much time with theory, we have the perfect solution for you: O’clock and its express training. In six months, you are a web developer. And don’t worry: you don’t need to have long prerequisites to embark on the adventure.

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6 months to become a web developer?

If it sounds too good to be true, it is indeed the reality at O’clock. Thanks to its accelerated training, the school makes you a seasoned web developer in just six months. But don’t think you’re going to twiddle your thumbs during those 24 weeks. Six months is short, but for you to become a web developer, you’ll have to hang in there.

The training is full-time and the pace is intense. O’clock wants to be transparent on this subject: the days are busy, you will have many projects to carry out, but the skills and knowledge that you will accumulate over the weeks will be important. Everything is in place to make you a web development pro after these six months. At the end, you walk away with a tState-recognized professional in the pocket, the equivalent of a Bac+2. After 798 hours of intensive work, it’s the least we can do.

You don’t become a web developer in a snap. O’clock divided his six-month training into four stages. The first one ? Pedestal”. As its name suggests, this first part will allow you to consolidate a base of knowledge and skills: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript… They will no longer hold any secrets for you. It’s a crucial step, and that’s why it represents almost 60% of your training.

Then comes the time to specialize! For a good month, you choose between React, WordPress or Symfony. Now that you have all the knowledge at your fingertips, it’s time to put it to use. And for that, there’s nothing like a project in real conditions to be developed for a month. From the concrete, there is only that of truth.

We are almost there: after the base, the specialization and THE project, you are ready to pass the professional title and officially become a web developer. But don’t believe that O’clock lets you down afterwards: the school continues to accompany you with a 7-hour coaching to help you find a job.

At the end of these intense but interesting six months, you can become a back-end developer, PHP developer, HTML/CSS web integrator, front-end JavaScript developer or fullstack developer. It’s for you to see !

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Why choose O’clock?

You probably know it as well as we do: to train in web development, there are a multitude of possibilities. It is therefore a bit complicated to know which training center or school worthy of the name to choose. You have the choice, yes, but these various solutions are not necessarily equal.

The O’clock school stands out for its desire to put people back at the heart of the transmission of knowledge. But that’s not all. O’clock offers an original format: the telepresential. Perfect bridge between face-to-face and online courses, you benefit from real animated live-video courses given in a classroom by dedicated teachers, without you having to travel. The dream. Thus, O’clock training is accessible even to people with disabilities or to those who live in remote communities. In short, everyone can enjoy it, provided they have a computer and an internet connection worthy of the name. The comfort of your home is yours while benefiting from the interactivity of live lessons.

At O’clock, students are not passive: they are encouraged to be active, to exchange, to react and to help each other. Their trainers are as dedicated as they are experienced in web development. Logical, you will tell us… But it’s always good to underline it: they have every reason to pass on their passion and their knowledge. O’clock reassures you: even if you are a beginner, you can join the training. No need for a long list of prerequisites. At the end of these six months, you come out with a state-recognized diploma, a level 5 RNPC credential.

Finally, the O’clock school is recognized by multiple funding bodies. Yes, its training cost of 7000 euros can cool more than one. But rest assured, therefore, since you can get partial or full financing. CPF, AIF, CIF, Transitions Pro… O’clock’s “Admissions” team will help you find your way around easily. Thanks to it, you will be able to find the most suitable device. Bingo!

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