Battlefield 2042: the first trailer has just fallen and it sends heavy

Electronic Arts has just unveiled the very first trailer for Battlefield 2042, the next installment in the series. We are finally entitled to a preview of the game, the first to appear on new generations of consoles.

Battlefield 2042 trailer

EA had given us an appointment for this June 9, 2021 to discover the first information on the game that we designated as Battlefield 6 until recent hours. The title is finally called Battlefield 2042 as the leaks announced for a few hours. The publisher has for a long time teased the arrival of the next opus while showing little talk about the details of the game. What should be remembered is that this is the most ambitious Battlefield in history of the franchise.

We finally have the opportunity to appreciate its framework through a first trailer. As we could hear before today’s event, Battlefield 2042 marks the return to a modern war atmosphere entirely imagined by DICE and EA. We are indeed in 2042 as the name suggests.

Battlefield 2042 first trailer: what’s new

The new Battlefield therefore takes place in 2042, approximately twenty years into the future. The United States and Russia are at the heart of the new history, pulling the strings of new proxy clashes. A kind of cold war therefore in a futuristic context. The particularity of Battlefield 2042 is that it allows you to play as “specialists”. They are war veterans who visibly provide assistance on the battlefield.

« Specialists have a unique specialty and trait, but the rest of their gear is fully customizable ”, can we read in the first information about the game. We also know that the multiplayer mode will revolve around seven maps and can bring together up to 128 players. ” From the cities of Seoul to the deserts of Egypt, each card offers a unique experience based on the natural environment ”.

We are also waiting to learn more about the Battle Royale supposed to compete with Warzone. So much information that already makes us want to dive into this promising Battlefield 2042. While waiting to discover it with controllers in hand, here is the first trailer of the game that we had the opportunity to discover during the stream broadcast on June 9.


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