Battlefield 2042 player destroys opposition with recorder

A Battlefield 2042 player has gone viral on TikTok. Indeed, he managed to grab a sniper, and then, using a flute as a controller, he pulled off an incredible shot.

These days, it’s not uncommon to see gamers using all kinds of weird gamepads in video games and sharing their experiences online for the whole world to see.

We have seen drums, guitars and now even recorders used to secure kills. But here, this snipe is so extraordinary that it has to be seen to be believed.

Battlefield 2042

Customization is deeper than ever in Battlefield 2042.

A player of Battlefield 2042 sniper with a recorder

In the video shared by TikTokker xdeanobeano, the Battlefield 2042 player used his recorder to aim with his sniper rifle and carefully adjust his reticle on an enemy on top of a building in the distance.

@xdeanobeanoTHIS DUDE GOTTA UNINSTALL LOL #fyp #battlefield #battlefield2042 #recorder #sniper

♬ original sound – Deano

Battlefield 2042 takes falling bullets into account. Players must therefore aim carefully above their opponents to succeed in their shots.

Although he took some damage himself, the TikTokker and Twitch streamer kept his cool and was able to perform a phenomenal headshot to win the one-on-one sniper fight.

“Let’s go !”he roared, clapping his fist after confirming the kill. “Let’s go !”

The TikTok quickly spread like wildfire, racking up over 1.1M views. It is not known if the victim in the clip has seen the video before, but it is doubtful whether she would feel good knowing that she died due to a player using a flute.


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