Battlefield 2042 maps are a long way from satisfying gamers

Battlefield 2042 features some of the greatest maps the franchise has ever seen. Many were enthusiastic about the large-scale maps that DICE is famous for. But in the end, the players are disappointed.

The launch of Battlefield 2042 has clearly not been the most successful. Indeed, players have continually reported problems to developers.

Now the community is expressing its opinion on the cards.

Although the Portal mode allows you to bring back classic cards. The community was not impressed with the design of the cards.

battlefield 2042 vehicle

The cards were meant to be one of the highlights of the game.

Battlefield 2042 players have a lot to say about the card design

With large-scale environments and various in-game events like tornadoes and a rocket launch, the maps in Battlefield 2042 were meant to be a selling point.

Players expect Battlefield to have huge maps, as it has become a staple of gameplay. However, the design of the maps of Battlefield 2042 left some players in the dark.

It is u/Carbideninja that started the map design debate in the Battlefield 2042 reddit: “Seriously DICE, is this your first time designing maps for a Battlefield game?”

In the exhaustive post, the player details all the problems he encounters with the design of the cards. The player feels that all the cards are missing “Identity” and are only “Huge expanses of lifeless land”.

Player is disheartened by the design of the Battlefield 2042 maps, stating that he spends most of the time “To run like a clown through these dry and empty pieces of land that you [DICE] call cards ”.

Unfortunately, this problem is not unique to this player. Indeed, in the comments many express similar opinions: “We need Conquest Medium and Conquest Small to shorten these cards”.

With all the worry surrounding the various features of the game, DICE definitely has its hands full. Hoping that they will take into account the pleas of their community.


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