Battlefield 2042 M5A3 Guide: Accessories, Class ..

Among all the weapons in Battlefield 2042, the M5A3 assault rifle is a relatively solid choice. So find out how you should equip this weapon.

If you’re looking for a balanced class that can accommodate any style of play in Battlefield 2042, you can’t miss the M5A3 Assault Rifle. Despite being the first weapon in its class, the M5A3 is among the strongest choices in the game.

With the right set of accessories and the right equipment to surround it, this weapon is capable of doing serious damage on all maps and in all modes.

The best class of the M5A3 on Battlefield 2042

M5A3 Battlefield 2042
Electronic Arts

The M5A3 is the first assault rifle you can equip on Battlefield 2042.

The best accessories

  • Mire : K8 Hall
  • Munitions : Close combat
  • Module : Lightweight Rattlesnake handle
  • Canon : Arcom tactical muzzle brake

Without any accessories, the M5A3 can be a bit difficult to control. That is why we have opted for elements that aim to improve accuracy without diminishing other crucial attributes.

First off, the K8 Holo is a simple yet effective scope for any assault rifle. While it doesn’t increase the zoom like other options, it is extremely quick to use. It is a good compromise to allow you to stay in the fight at all distances.

Then we have the choice of close combat ammunition for the same reason. Other styles may prefer higher damage on vehicles, for example, but with this M5A3 model recoil control is essential.

This accessory allows you to improve your accuracy while increasing reload speed and rate of fire.

In the third slot is the Lightweight Rattlesnake Grip for better precision on the move. Since you’ll be strafe-spamming almost all of your duels, better aiming on the move is essential.

Finally, we chose the Arcom Tactical Muzzle Brake. While this choice doesn’t provide a major boost, it’s another slight improvement in your recoil control to keep your M5A3’s shots on target.

Weapon statistics

  • Power : 45
  • Precision : 52
  • Scope : 47
  • Maneuverability : 55
  • Cadence : 800
  • Capacity : 35
  • Shoot : Automatic | Unique
  • Zoom : 1.25

The best equipment and specialists

IBA bulletproof plate
Electronic Arts

The IBA bulletproof plate will allow you to take more damage.

Now that you’ve found the perfect accessories, it’s just as important to choose the right equipment as well as the right specialist to do the job in the field.

That is why we have made the IBA bullet proof plate the most important piece of equipment for this class of assault rifle. Obviously, if you’d rather detonate helicopters in the sky or help your team with ammo, this choice certainly won’t speak to you.

But for us, this armor plate is the best choice because after all, a health supplement is never a bad thing.

Likewise, choosing your character is ultimately a matter of personal preference, but we’ve found Sundance to be the strongest specialist for this M5A3 class.

The wingsuit suit offers some of the best mobility in Battlefield 2042, allowing you to move around any map and get from point to point easily and quickly.

There you go, you now know everything you need to be competitive with the M5A3 on Battlefield 2042.


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