Battlefield 2042: it will be possible to play old remastered maps

According to well-known franchise fan informant Tom Henderson, Battlefield 2042 will include a currently unannounced mode called Battlefield Hub. This will likely allow you to play remastered versions of old maps of the franchise.

Battlefield 2042, map Orbital
Battlefield 2042, the new Orbital map

If you had missed the information, the next game from EA and DICE that we called for several months “Battlefield 6” is finally called Battlefield 2042. According to Tom Henderson, a well-known informant well known to fans of the war game franchise, the game will include a mode named Battlefield Hub. This will allow, among other things, to replay old maps of the franchise, revisited and remodeled for the occasion.

Battlefield 2042: Towards Revamping Old Classic Franchise Maps?

When it was revealed in June, we learned that Battlefield 2042 will include three different modes. Total war, a mode including the traditional Conquest and Rush modes. Risk area, a mode focused on squad play, close to the game Escape from Tarkov. And finally, a third game mode named for now Confidential. This mode is still a mystery. It is specifically developed by DICE Los Angeles and franchise veterans.

It is precisely this mode that is talking about him today. If we do not know anything official about him, Tom Henderson indicates that he will be called Battlefield Hub. « Battlefield Hub to Contain Remasters of Old Maps from Old Battlefield Games “, He declared in a YouTube video to be found below. This mode will be essentially focused on fun and not on the competitive ladder.

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But that’s not all, since weapons and vehicles from old games will also be back. ” It will be a map developed with the Battlefield 2042 engine and it will run on that engine, so destruction and stuff like that will be there. You will be playing essentially on a remastered map, with different weapons and vehicles from previous Battlefield titles. »

According to Henderson, “the map” he is referring to here will be 64 players only, although the Battlefield Hub will support 128 player maps on next-gen consoles and on PC (not on Xbox One or PS4). This suggests that we may eventually see some of the greatest classic maps of Battlefield but with battles of up to 128 players.


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