Battlefield 2042: DICE will not remove the Russian faction

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine prompted an unprecedented wave of sanctions. But Batllefield 2042 developer DICE has no plans to remove the Russian faction from the game…

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, countless companies have sanctioned the country of Vladimir Putin. Microsoft has also withdrawn from Russia. But this is also the case for several developers. EA Sports, for example, removed all Russian teams from FIFA 22. But it doesn’t seem that simple for DICE. Indeed, the Battlefield license traditionally opposes two factions. Battlefield 2042 therefore has the American army and the Russian army. Removing one of them would have too great an impact on the gameplay

Battlefield 2042 - Credit: DICE
Battlefield 2042 – Credit: DICE

During an interview with Eurogamer, Rebecka Coutaz, General Manager of EA DICE, raised the possibility of Russia being removed from the game and replaced by a different faction. According to her, the challenge is far too complex. The manager says:It is very difficult to change that in this entertainment game“.

Battlefield 2042: DICE cares about its employees from Russia and Ukraine

However, the director wishes to indicate the concern of DICE from the beginning of the invasion. Indeed, itome members of the team come from one of the two countries at war. The manager explains as follows:First of all we were here at DICE of course we were as shocked as everyone on 24th Feb waking up to see what was happening in Eastern Europe […] NWe have a lot of team members from Eastern Europe and we had to deal with that, to make them feel comfortable, and we’re there, we listen to them and help them take care of themselves.”

If removing the Russian faction seems impossible, the developer still looked into the matter. Rebecka Coutaz thus indicates: “It was our first concern. Then the second concern is that we are a military shooter, and today in Battlefield 2042 one of the opposing factions is Russian. What we did was an audit of the game and we try to be as sensitive as we can be in everything we do.”

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