Battlefield 2042: devs tackle devastating glitch

Kevin Johnson, a Community Manager working on Battlefield 2042, reacted to one of the game’s most devastating glitches, which allows some players to jump into the game completely invisible.

As gamers were eager to get their hands on Battlefield 2042, their excitement quickly died down in the face of an avalanche of bugs, glitches, and glitches of all kinds.

Of course, the developers have come a long way since beta, but there is still a lot to do, so much so that a number of players have preferred to pack their bags.

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In the face of player dissatisfaction, a community manager, Kevin Johnson, has informed players when they can expect a fix for one of the game’s most devastating issues.

Battlefield 2042 invisibility bug to be fixed

It all started with a post on Reddit in which a player shared a clip in which they can be seen entering play while being invisible, a glitch visibly related to vehicle spawn. Naturally, this causes problems both for the player in question as well as for his opponents.

As many players began to criticize the state of the game, Kevin Johnson responded to the issue, saying he should “Be resolved upon deployment of our next update.”

Unfortunately, no release date has been communicated for the rollout of the update in question. Given that Update # 3 was released on December 2nd, we can therefore expect 3.1 to release very soon, possibly in the days to come.

This update adds to a long list of bugs and issues that players want fixed. Hopefully patch 3.1 is the first step towards a much better game.


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