Batman: a larger-than-life Batmobile seen in the streets of Monaco

While spending his vacation in Monaco, a Batman lover made a heartening discovery. He found himself face to face with a replica of the famous Batman Batmobile. A find he was quick to share on Reddit.

A Batmobile in Monaco
A Batmobile in Monaco (Reddit Passenger003)

In Justice League, The Flash asks Batman what his superpowers are. ” I am rich “, he answers laconically. A wealth that allows him to have devilishly sophisticated equipment. Also counting on his very advanced intelligence, his mastery of combat and his excellent physical condition, Batman is fully armed against crime. And among its cutting edge gadgets, the Batmobile is one of the most iconic. Packed with technology and weapons, the Dark Knight’s vehicle is still fascinating.

While walking through the streets of Monaco, a Reddit user had the good surprise to come across a replica of the Batmobile. “I just wanted to share with you what I saw in Monaco a few weeks ago. Needless to say, it was the highlight of my trip ”, he wrote in the caption of the photograph that you can admire above.

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A very realistic Batmobile seen in Monaco

At first glance, this model takes the curves of the Batmobile appearing in Tim Burton films. As a reminder, these are Batman (1989) and Batman: The Challenge (1992) which feature Michael Keaton in the title role. Under the post, one user believes that the Batmobile is perfectly reproduced, however regretting the placement of the license plate. “I understand that it is mandatory, but damn it is perfect otherwise”, he observes.

It must be said that the main elements of the Burton Batmobile are present. Namely the colossal turbine at the front and the wings enthroned at the rear. This collector’s item must have cost a lot of money for its owner. By way of comparison, the Batmobile Lincoln Futura, popularized in the Batman series of the 60s, was sold for 3.5 million euros at an auction held in 2013 in the United States.



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