Barely released, Stray is already the biggest launch for an Annapurna game

Cats, kings of the internet

It did not fail: while the title had seized the top of the most anticipated games on Steam from the hands of The Day Before, Stray got off to a flying start on Valve’s platform: 62,000 players played simultaneously the felid protagonist last night on the way out, wearing the first game Montpellier residents from BlueTwelve not far from the Top 10

It is therefore a real box for the independent publisher Annapurnathe latter being accustomed to the successes of esteem with titles like Outer Wilds, Sayonara Wild Hearts or Neon Whitebut rarely commercial, given that these published games are more aimed at a form of niche.

But like everyone loves cats on the Internet, it was enough for the general public seizes the case, to the point that other players in the industry have had fun for a few weeks mixing their universe with that of Stray on social networks.

Of course, these are only clues about Stray’s successand we will have to wait a while longer to realize that the extent of the phenomenon. Well, la title of BlueTwelve is a partner with PlayStation, and given the hype it’s generating, it could be the perfect advertisement for subscriptions Extra and Premium offers from PlayStation Plusallowing it to be played from first day to go out.

So the warning signs were there, but Success already seems all mapped out for Straydont press reviews are moreover more than positiveperhaps blaming a lifetime a hair short.


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