Back to school 2021: ESIEE-IT launches a new Bachelor in Digital and AI!

You still have no training or you want to change direction during the year, quickly discover the new Digital and IA Bachelor of ESIEE-IT!

That you are without training, or that you wish to reorient yourself, there is always a solution on MCETV. Discover today the new Bachelor of ESIEE-IT in Digital and IA!

AI for the best

Born over 65 years ago, AI is essential today in our lives. The reason is simple. We have powerful smartphones in our pockets. We each produce thousands of pieces of data per day. And we are all connected to a global network.

The AI ​​feeds on this data, and can also be found in Apps. They come as much to cover the least of our needs as to create them. We must be attentive to the needs, projects, privacy and rights of each. It is also necessary to master AI to have only its benefits. And the ESIEE-IT has understood this well.

At the service of companies

It is not possible to create and run a business without a strategic digital approach. Whether it is to pilot its processes, manage its supplier relations, manage and train its employees. Or also to design its offers and deliver them, also to ensure the satisfaction of all its customers in near real time.

In an open world, it is the companies that will have the best organizations, which will also make the best decisions. They will have the best products and services that will be leaders in their market.

AI is also one of their important levers. And the ESIEE-IT has understood this and is launching a new Digital and AI Bachelor.

By respecting humans and the planet

AI must also be at the service of human beings and their projects. History shows us that too. Humanity has reached a stage of development which requires it to act.

Our lives deserve it, in all their dimensions: our rights, our hobbies, our culture, our work, our social relations, our privacy. Rather, AI becomes Augmented Intelligence, serving our needs, whether we are pros, citizens or also people.

Thanks to the design

Known thanks to the large agency IDEO, in the simplified form of Design Thinking, design is also a multidisciplinary approach.

Thanks to his ability to question, observe and deliver in a creative way, the designer can tackle all life situations. Creator of solutions, of value as much as of links, design brings together talents to put them at the service of the great human project.

BACHELOR ESIEE Digital Strategy, AI and Design Project Manager: A hybrid pedagogy

You are attracted to AI ? Do you want to put it at the service of your daily life? And you want a profession that reinvents itself every year ? This Bachelor is reaching out to you.

The advantages of the training at ESIEE-IT

Learning in Project mode
Lessons in Serious Games mode
An entrepreneurial approach
A training also based on “Learning by doing”
The advantages of work-study programs and also help in finding a business
And also a network of more than 800 partners

Continuation of study after the BACHELOR ESIEE Project manager Digital strategy, AI and design

EXPERT ESIEE-Tech programs
Business Analyst (BAC + 5),
options: Performance of Information Systems (PSI) or HR Information Systems (HRIS)

Career opportunities:

If you get the BACHELOR ESIEE: Digital Strategy, Artificial Intelligence and Design Project Manager, you will also be able to do the following trades :

Digital strategy project manager
AI development project manager
Project Management Assistant (AMOE)
IA consultant or also IA marketing project manager
And also a recruitment officer specializing in AI


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