Back to school 2021: all you need to know about civil liability insurance for students

It’s back to school and you are a student and you want to spend a hassle-free 2021-2022 year, consider taking out liability insurance!

When you’re young, you’re clumsy and somewhat carefree. This can sometimes lead to harm other students. In the event of material, immaterial or bodily damage to a third party, liability insurance is there to take care of everything. However, it only concerns the damage caused within his university or his school.

What is that ?

Article of law 1382 defines civil liability. It is necessary to repair a damage, caused by any fact, to the place of others. In most cases, liability insurance is required in universities or colleges. And this as soon as the students register. You also need one during an internship or a student job.

In the event of an accident causing bodily, material or immaterial damage, civil liability is incurred.. The victim must then be compensated as provided by law.

In the absence of insurance, the person who committed the fault must himself, pay compensation costs to the victim.

The practice of extreme sports, damage caused by a car or any other electric vehicle are not covered by civil liability insurance. Intentional damage, self-inflicted damage is also excluded. Damages occurring in the course of his employment (excluding internships) also remain excluded.

What damages are covered by civil liability insurance?

It covers the insured in many situations. Covered damage is all that occurs unintentionally.

If a student unintentionally breaks the video projector of one of these teachers, he will have to have it repaired. Or at worst buy a new one. It is the same in the case of an error occurring during a student job.

It also covers certain cases of theft. In addition, it seems important to specify that the acts caused by a pet are the responsibility of its owner.

Civil liability obliges anyone who has caused damage to others to repair it. It will cover all the costs incurred. However, it only covers acts done unintentionally. And also those posed in the university or your school.