Back 4 Blood roadmap announces offline mode

And details on new content to come

Back 4 Blood was a good surprise for everyone coop lovers lacking experiences that closely or remotely resemble Left 4 Dead, but the title from Turtle Rock Studios has received quite a bit of criticism when it comes to its policy at all online. Via a roadmap shared on Twitter, the studio announces that it will be soon possible to progress solo.

And the free november update is mainly focused on bug fixing and improving the quality of life, the players who want enjoy Back 4 Blood in offline mode while progressing will be able to do so from of the month of december. Today, the players who decide to attack the infected in the company of bots – particularly weak – cannot achieve success or accumulate refreshment points for unlock additional cards.

The Back 4 Blood roadmap still lacking in details, but the content of the title should particularly get richer by 2022, as well for Season Pass holders And the others.

The end of the year promises new types of cards to improve his Cleaner, while that a new difficulty and new corruption cards should point the tip of their nose to renew the experience of the most seasoned players. Turtle Rock also promises a new co-op mode, without precision (many hope for a Versus mode worthy of the name), as well as deep readjustments of the melee system.

To finish, Season Pass holders can expect content already promised for 2022 : 3 new acts including one named The Tunnels of Terror, new Cleaners, new infected special, new maps, weapons and even exclusive skins.


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