AURA: A laptop & tablet stand to reduce digital eye strain

Parallax Innovations, which is an American company based in Arizona, USA, is currently in the process of manufacturing an all-new laptop and also a tablet stand, that is fully designed to reduce your eye strain. Digital Eye Strain or DES is defined as an eye irritation that will only occur after two hours of prolonged screen use, be it your laptop or tablet. It can lead to various serious symptoms like:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue in the eyes
  • Eyes getting irritated
  • The vision of the eyes getting blurred

The product is manufactured in such a way that it will not only help the user to reduce the strain in his or her eyes during work but can also help in improving the device ergonomics as well.

Therefore, in order to fund a product of this calibre, the company has started a Kickstarter project in order to raise funds and also support the product manufacturing process as well. The company expects that it will be welcoming various types of generous contributions from the Kickstarter community.

One of the spokespeople of Parallax Innovations has said that Aura is built to improve the posture of the user who is in the process of using a device for a prolonged period of time, besides reducing any kind of eye-strain as well. The company has set a goal of $30,000 in order to make this product manufacturing truly happen, and after starting the campaign, the Kickstarter project is already getting a great response from the community. The company as a measure of goodwill is also offering the Aura product to all of its backers worldwide so that when the product will launch, they will be the first ones to get it and try them.

The Kickstarter project has already been started, and by pledging just $49, a person will not only be able to back an innovative product that will improve ergonomics & reduce eye fatigue during prolonged personal device use but also get the Aura device as a reward as well, when the product manufacturing process will be completed. The following are some of the best features listed for the Aura device:

  • The device will be supporting both laptops and tablets, over 9 inches wide.
  • It can be easily collapsed and can be concealed under your laptop or tablet, when not in use, thereby making the usability much easier.
  • The Aura will be able to lift up the screen height of your laptop or tablet by almost two inches, which creates a better vision for working. It can also tilt the keyboard of your laptop to an angle of 10 degrees from the original. This makes your laptop perfect for gaming.
  • The device only weighs in about 120 grams, which is fairly light and can be easily carried around.
  • The Aura device can be attached or removed from your device of choice easily, with its reusable adhesive.
  • It has a colour wheel with RGB support, which you can fully control and set it to any colour you want.
  • It uses a micro USB for charging purposes and has a battery life of around 6 hours. It can be also recharged from your laptop as well.


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