Attack on Titan: Unleashed Trailer Reveals Ultimate Game Release Date

The denouement Attack on Titan is near. And for good reason, the second part of season 4 will mark the end of the animated adaptation of the illustrious manga. To make us wait, a trailer has been unveiled as well as the release date of the first episode.

The attack of the Titans

Last August, anime aficionados greeted the news with happiness. NHK General TV had announced that the final part of Attack on Titan would be released in January. However, we did not yet know the precise day of broadcast of the second part of season 4. Information that finally fell. The first episode will therefore land on January 9, as announced by MAPPA on Twitter. And to raise the mayonnaise, the studio took the opportunity to unveil the first images of this ending which promises to be epic.

A 30-second teaser that unleashed passions on social networks, fans are eager to find the end of the story. For information, the anime will be available on the Wakanim platform, the historic broadcaster of Attack on Titan. Chance of the calendar (or not), the teaser was unveiled the same day as the release of volume 34 in France. Which marks the end of a story that has held a myriad of readers in suspense.

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Attack on Titan: a monumental work

For beginners, know that Attack on Titan will immerse you in a post-apocalyptic atmosphere where humans must survive in the face of the titans’ limitless appetite. To protect themselves from these bloodthirsty creatures, they notably built gigantic walls

Both manga and anime have become essential classics. And for good reason, the development of the narrative arcs of the characters is very successful. Just like the cleverly tied intrigue, sublimated by the many twists that dot the work. And on top of that, a slew of subjects are discussed (glorification of the army, satire of society, philosophical questions in shambles on the world). Enough to open the field of reflection in the heads of readers and viewers.

But no more gossip! Here is the trailer for the ultimate part of the anime which will therefore be released as a reminder just after New Year’s Eve:


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