At CES 2022, how Samsung and Anker are making TV out of date

At the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, Samsung of course presented new televisions, a new smartphone (the Galaxy S21 FE) but above all The Freestyle. Behind this name (judiciously found) hides a portable projector allowing to transform any surface into TV.

Samsung en total Freestyle

The idea is not new you say, brands like Anker have already been offering them for a long time. You are right. Moreover, Anker also presented a new model of portable projector, the Cosmos Laser 4K. More than gadgets, these two products are transforming the way we consume content.

Technically, The Freestyle and the Cosmos Laser 4K have (almost) nothing to envy to the TVs in our living rooms. The Samsung projector is capable of displaying a 100 ” (254 cm) image with Full HD definition. No need to worry about adjusting the focus, everything is done automatically.

The Freestyle delivers 360 ° sound in the process thanks to an integrated speaker. It can also be controlled with Bixby or Amazon Alexa. To launch content, all you have to do is cast it from your smartphone or tablet. The main streaming services are supported and it is also possible to play since the device recognizes game consoles.

The peculiarity of this projector is that it can be used anywhere, all the time, provided that a surface is available to project the contents.

Anker in the Cosmos

anchor cosmos laser 4K

© Anchor

With his Cosmos Laser 4K, Anker pushes the technical limits and even comes up against 4K televisions. Its experience with this type of product (Anker already marketed the Nebula Capsule, a mobile projector the size of a can) for a long time, allows Anker to go further than Samsung.

The Cosmos Laser 4K is therefore also a mobile projector but it broadcasts content in 4K. with a hallucinating brightness of 2400 lumens. Integrated speakers with a power of 30W take care of the sound immersion. Above all, the Cosmos Laser 4K has a full Android TV 9 interface.

The Samsung projector like that of Anker raises the question of our uses. Who has never dreamed of carrying a cinema with them with a smaller footprint? This is the promise of Freestyle and Cosmos Laser 4K: to bring mobility to the image.

Of course, the display quality of projectors does not equal that of the best 4K TVs. Above all, their price still reserves them for a public with comfortable finances. Samsung’s The Freestyle will be available on February 17 (pre-orders from January 20) for 999 euros. The Cosmos Laser 4K, for its part, will be available at 2199 euros. A more affordable Full HD version will also be released. Its price remains unknown.

So, rather a portable projector or a 4K TV?


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