AS VAL’s best Warzone class: accessories, assets

AS VAL is a weapon that kills extremely quickly in Warzone. So find out what accessories and perks you need to equip for Season 5.

Since the launch of Season 5, many weapons of different categories are viable in Warzone.

While most players prefer to use the Kilo 141 or CR-56 AMAX as an assault rifle, the AS VAL also proves to be an extremely effective choice in the right situations.

Although this weapon is an assault rifle, it is designed to dominate at close to medium range. Its small magazine unfortunately cannot take out multiple enemies at long range, but its extremely fast firing speed makes it one of the most powerful weapons at close and medium range.

So without further ado, discover the best accessories and assets you need to equip on the AS VAL for Season 5 of Warzone.

The best class of AS VAL on Warzone

AS VAL Warzone

The AS VAL is a deadly close range weapon.

The best AS VAL accessories on Warzone

  • Canon : VLK 200mm Axle
  • Crosse : VLK Strelok
  • Cannon accessory : Commando front grip
  • Munitions : Charger of 30 cartridges
  • Laser : Tactical Laser

The VLK 200mm Osa cannon is equipped with an internal monolithic silencer which considerably increases the range and speed of the weapon’s bullets. You can also easily control the recoil of the AS VAL by equipping the VLK Strelok stock and the Commando front grip.

The Tactical Laser gives you better precision and reduced aiming time.

Plus, with this gun’s blazingly fast rate of fire, the 30 round magazine is a must have for your class.

The best assets for an AS-VAL class

The equipment to be used on the AS VAL in Warzone

With these accessories, AS VAL will become your best friend!

  • Asset 1 : No Run – The No Run perk will increase your Tactical Sprint duration which will allow you to move around the map faster. The speed for crouching is also increased by 30%.
  • Asset 2 : Overarming / Phantom – For this, use the strategy of using two classes. Choose Overarm for the first supply drop purchased, then Ghost for the second.
  • Asset 3 : Boosted – The speed of transition between your weapons is faster, as is the launch of your grenades.

There you go, you now know everything about AS VAL. Keep in mind that this is the correct weapon, but not currently strictly “meta”. It remains nonetheless formidable in good hands!


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