Are you Spending too much on Tuition to get your Kid ahead?

It is a fact that high school students, from Australian high school students to the rest, do use private tutors to get extra help with their school studies and with their assignments. The challenge lies in landing the right tutor and private tutors can be quite expensive – their rate often varies from as much as $25 to over $60 and above per 30 sessions and can even go higher, depending on the course, study material and on the student itself.

Are you Spending too much on Tuition to get your Kid ahead?
Are you Spending too much on Tuition to get your Kid ahead?

What’s more, if your kid requires help in multiple subjects and requires private tutoring for the lot, then the overall tutoring cost is bound to shoot up. But if you are thinking of getting your kid a private tutor, there are a few things that you can do.

  • Request for free trials: There are quite a few online platforms that you can use to search for private tutors for your kid. You may want to check out sites such as, which provides the details of all the private tutors, the subjects that they specialize in and along with their quotes. You may want to ask them for a free trial as that will enable you to see if the private tutor is a good fit and if your kid feels comfortable with your choice. The only downside to using online platforms to find tutors & music teacher is that they come with pre-fixed rates; so you may want to consider posting a job in one of the local papers and list out the key requirements along with your slated budget. This should net you a few results.
  • Local community center: More often than not, local community centers invite volunteer tutors to help the local students prep for their exams. So make a point of checking out all the local community centers but the downside to this idea is that there would be many students in the mix and you cannot count on one-to-one attention as the volunteer tutor often has to attend t multiple students.

  • Make a study plan: You can prep ahead before the tutoring session even begins; you may want to discuss your kid’s strengths and his academic background with the tutor. You may also want to convey the true objectives here and develop a study plan before the session even begins.

  • Free tutorials: These days, you can find free tutorials online on almost any subject; just search for the same and you are bound to come across a few results. Check out these free tutorial sessions and see if they are worth the time and effort.

  • Promos: If you decide to apply to a tutoring college, then you may want to check to see if their license is valid and current. Also check to see if they are listing out any special offers such as discounted rates, etc.

  • Group tutoring: Since some of the top tutors charge a lot, it makes sense to form a group of kids with similar needs and hire a private tutor to coach them. It makes more  sense that way and moreover you should be able to bring down the overall cost as well, since you would all be sharing in the fee. You may want to check up and see if the tutor in question is okay with tutoring a group of kids, rather than just one.


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