Are you interested in a Fortnite movie?

Video games that land on the big screen (or smaller screen) are commonplace. We were thus entitled to the adaptation of Tomb Raider with Angelina Jolie, the movies Resident Evil with Milla Jovovich headlining and even several films Angry Birds. More recently, a series The Last of Us is on the cards for HBO Max.

In view of its popularity, we suspected that video games Fortnite would also have the right to its film adaptation. It would seem that this day is not very far away. Indeed, according to The Information, the Epic Games studio would think strongly about it.

Fortnite on the big screen?

Since 2017, Fortnite has convinced a large number of players around the world. This is a battle royale so the principle is quite simple: you are facing a hundred other players and you must be the last to survive at the end of the game. Very roughly.

To get an idea of ​​the popularity of Epic Games’ video game, know that according to PlayerCounter, nearly 2,800,000 people are online trying to achieve a top 1 at the time of this writing. Just that !

Over the years, the game unveils new seasons, new chapters and new storylines. Regularly, pop culture heroes point the tip of their nose, like Deadpool or the Avengers, to attract more and more players. Last year, in full confinement, rapper Travis Scott even organized a virtual concert especially for video games.

Thus, the popularity of Fortnite is undeniable. Especially since the concept of the battle royale seems to seduce the spectators. Indeed, Squid Game is the series that is a hit at the moment and it actually takes the principle of a battle royale. To see what Fortnite on the big screen could give, level scenario, but the principle of the play is, in any case, popular at the present time.

In view of the few legal hassles encountered by Epic Games against Apple, the video game is no longer available on the App Store. It is therefore normal that he is looking for a new sector to exploit to make up for this shortfall. No ?

If nothing has been confirmed for the moment, and this information should therefore be taken with a grain of salt, see unload a film Fortnite in our cinemas would not be surprising for all the reasons mentioned above.

In addition, the latest Epic Games recruitments suggest that this rumor could prove to be. In fact, in the last few months, the video game studio has recruited several executives from Lucasfilm, the studio behind the latest trilogy. Star Wars. We know in particular that the former vice-president of physical productions of Lucasfilm, Jason McGatlin, is now the president of special projects of Epic Games.

Good or bad idea, we can assume that the popularity of Fortnite on consoles and PC will also give it a success in the cinema. We just have to wait to have, or not, the confirmation of this information.


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