Arcane: the Netflix series inspired by LoL will be entitled to a season 2?

This is the question that bothers League of Legends fans. Will the series Arcane on Netflix have a season 2? Answer below!

Incredible success for the first season of Arcane on Netflix. The series has satisfied the biggest fans of League of Legends. But as soon as it’s over, the question arises, will there be a season 2? MCE TV therefore reveals everything from A to Z!

A worldwide success

When the producers of Arcane announced a series adaptation of the most popular MOBA in history, the announcement caused a stir. League of Legends fans all had can’t wait to see the first episodes.

It is therefore on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the video game that the developers of League of Legends have came up with the idea of ​​streaming the series on Netflix.

Arcane was therefore released on November 6, 2021 on the streaming platform. And very quickly, the series became a huge success. Eh yes ! Fans around the world therefore gathered to see this nugget.

Exceptionally, the first episode was broadcast on Twitch. He has therefore brought together more than 2 million Internet users. This makes Arcane the most watched series of the moment.

Know that to this day, Arcane dethrones Squid Game in the Netflix ranking. On social networks, the reactions are positive. We can therefore read on Twitter:

“There, they are still faultless with Arcane. Riot, too strong. », « League of Legends, c’est the most developed scene. Cinematics that wash 99% of games, crazy artistic direction, music every year. »

If the success of the first season is real, the question arises… The production of Riot Games is she entitled to a season 2 ? Answer below!

Arcane: what sequel on Netflix?

Yesterday was a special dayt sad for League of Legends fans. They have seen the last three episodes of Arcane. This is the end of the adventures of the two orphans Powder and Vi on Netflix.

As a reminder, the story is that of these two young sisters who live with their adoptive father in an underground city in Zaun.

The sisters face the difference of social classes. To survive, they become budding thieves. But when one of them steals a valuable item, the problems begin.

It is even the beginning of the descent into hell of Powder and Vi. An interesting plot that is unanimous. But a question comes up more and more on the Web : will there be a season 2 on Netflix ? If so, will it be fast?

For now, the streaming giant did not give an appointment to fans of the series signed by the French studio Fortiche. But beware ! That doesn’t mean there won’t be.

So there’s no need to mope. You can very well proceed to a binge-watcher of the first season of Arcane to view important details you missed.

The creators of the series have added subtleties that are noticeable during a second viewing. And if however you are more of a fan of gaming, nothing prevents you to play the famous online fighting game.


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