Arcane: characters from the Netflix series in League of Legends!

Characters from the Arcane series, broadcast on Netflix, could join the list of League of Legends champions!

It’s the question everyone asks, will the cult characters of Arcane to integrate League of Legends ? To the delight of fans of the Netflix series, the answer is yes! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

The phenomenon Arcane

Arcane is a nine-episode anime series that aired since November 6, 2021 on Netflix. Produced by Riot Games, it quickly met with enormous success.

In many countries, it thus imposes itself as one of the most watched on the platform American. Yes, you read it correctly!

The story takes place in the fictional world of Runeterra. It opposes two cities, Piltover and Zaun. The first is rich and evolved, while the second is frightening and unhealthy…

We therefore follow the adventures of Vi and Jinx, two sisters with difficult childhoods who grew up in poor neighborhoods. At the same time, we discover the scientific discoveries of Jayce and Viktor.

The two men manage to magic control ! They then dream of improving the life of the city, but their ambitions are quickly diverted…

As you probably know, the new Netflix series takes place in the universe of League of Legends. This is the most popular MOBA in the world!

This partly explains its success. However, its audience is not only made up of players. Its visual and script beauty makes it a masterpiece appreciated by all !

The devotees of LOL a question arises all the same… Will the cult characters of Arcane integrate the long list of champions ?

MCE TV tells you more!

Arcane: characters from the Netflix series in League of Legends!

Characters are coming to the game

Of course, characters from League of Legends appear in Arcane. They also have a central place. Among them, we can mention, Vi, Jinx, or even Ekko.

Most of the others are profiles created specifically for the new series Netflix. Players only dream of one thing…

Let their favorite characters join the long list of champions! To their delight, Riot Games s’y penche.

« I couldn’t be more specific at the time, because I couldn’t tell what the event was when the roadmap came out”, explains Ryan Mireles on Reddit.

And for good reason ! This one “was very secret”. In the continuation of his message, the Champion Design LeadThen comes the good news.

“We thought it would be weird to come out champions that are not linked to Arcane in the middle of the event”, he continues then.

“That being said, given how Arcane resonated with so many players, the champions team is really excited. to the idea of ​​exploring characters from Arcane, which would make sense in a MOBA”, he confides then.

All you have to do is wait!


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