Apple would like to launch its first fully autonomous car in 2025

While Apple is always very low-key about this, we know Apple is interested in electric cars and self-driving cars. Within the firm, the project would be called Titan. And while Apple has yet to announce a specific target, according to an article published by Bloomberg, the company would like to launch its first fully autonomous vehicle in 2025.

Citing sources familiar with the matter, the American media explains that Apple had considered two options: to offer a vehicle with some autonomous functions, or to develop a technology allowing to have fully autonomous vehicles which do not require any human intervention.

And finally, the new leader of the Apple automotive team, Kevin Lynch, would have opted for the second option: a 100% autonomous car. In addition, the company is very ambitious. Indeed, it would like to develop by 2025 a technology that players like Tesla or Waymo (Alphabet) have still not succeeded in fully developing.

Too optimistic?

Bloomberg notes, however, that Apple remains flexible when it comes to timing. And if the target is not reached by 2025, the company could either delay the launch or offer a less autonomous product, in the meantime. In any case, currently, the Cupertino company would imagine cars without steering wheel.

If Apple is so ambitious, it would be because the company recently took an important step within the framework of this “Titan” project. The company has indeed carried out the bulk of the work on the processor that will equip its first generation of self-driving cars.

This chip would not have been developed by the automotive team, but by that of Apple Silicon, which also designs the chips used by the iPhone, iPad and Macs. Currently, it would be the most advanced developed by Apple. It would include the components necessary to operate the artificial intelligence used by future vehicles.

By the way, the next step would be testing. Apple is reportedly planning to use this new chip as well as new sensors on the modernized vehicles it uses for its tests in California. Currently, the Cupertino company uses a fleet of 69 Lexus SUVs, according to official documents from the State of California.

Regarding the manufacture of these future vehicles, Apple has already approached potential partners in the automotive industry. And he would plan to have it built in the United States.


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