Apple will launch new iPhone with 3 rear cameras and 5x zoom in 2019

Apple one of the greatest trendsetter in the smartphone industry is said to come up with a tri-camera setup for their flagship devices in 2019, that is the second generation from iPhone X.

Economic Daily News, a trusty news portal published about this, speculated by the industry executives. Apple the smartphone industry leader is used to bringing out newer gimmicked features in the industry refined into usable features. One such feature is expected to be seen in the 2019 line up of iPhones.

Apple's upcoming iPhone with 3 rear cameras
Apple’s upcoming iPhone with 3 rear cameras

How is it expected to work?

As said by the rumors the flagship iPhone is expected to have a triple camera setup each 12 MP. The newer one to join the trio, is expected to come with a 6-lens setup that can break horizons in the zoom department.

As of now the single camera on the smaller iPhone 8 is capable of 5x digital zoom whereas the dual camera iPhones 8 Plus and X can zoom 10x digitally and 2x optically without quality loss. The article didn’t mention anything about the zoom to be optical, digital or hybrid. To our expectation having a digital 5x zoom is not a feature to be talked and hybrid is also not much to make a fuss as a few devices like Huawei P20 Pro has already achieved that
with the three cameras. So, it must be obviously optical 5x zoom which if achieved will be a great breakthrough on compact camera modules like Samsung did with variable aperture sensor on the Galaxy S9 Plus.

How do tri-camera in the market work?

The Huawei’s implementation of tri-camera in P20 Pro seems promising and the upcoming iPhone might also have something similar to that of the P20 Pro. Unlike the rumored Apple device of equal megapixels, Huawei has assigned different functionalities to different cameras with different parameters.

The primary RGB shooter is a whopping 40MP f/1.8 sensor, allied by a 20MP monochrome sensor with f-stop 1.6 improvising the lowlight capabilities. The final telephoto companion is an 8MP f/2.4 sensor with the 3x optical zoom which is a first in smartphones. The combination of all three coordinated by the software is used to produce a lossless 5x hybrid zoom.

What else do we know?

According to an analyst from KGI Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo the 2018 iPhone line up will have three phones. A 5.8 inch and 6.2-inch OLED flagships and a 6.2-inch IPS LCD tech option. None of them is expected to host the tri-camera setup. As per the schedule, only 2019 line up will have the tri-camera setup in one of its devices.

Lin also gave some other speculation of the 5.8-inch model of 2018 targeted for cheaper markets. He also once speculated of a newer version of iPhone SE around the same form factor but without force touch and dual cameras.

Final verdict

Though from market experts and trusted sources, the information we have got is mere speculations and rumors. They are not sure of making it to the final product but still, the chances are high. Hold your horses until they are officially out.



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